A Lost Adventure

I always love an adventure so when Mom said we were going to Lacamas State Park with Mr. N., I was thrilled. There was a lake, waterfalls and lots of native Camas Lilies. Mom & I set out with Googled directions in hand and headed north to Camas, WA. (PeeEss: the town was named for the lily, not visa versa)

Sage: These are really pretty houses and I see the lake! Are we there?

Mom: Uh, no, Sage. Something’s not right. 

 We went around and around the streets with no way to get to the lake. Finally Mom pulled out her trusty phone (I’m glad it was smart! 🙂 ) We finally reached a parking lot and met Mr. N. Down a path we went, but, again, something wasn’t right. We popped into a nearby building; got directions and headed off to find the lilies. Camas LilyBut first a trip around the lake. Mom told me it was formed, along with the Columbia Gorge, during the Missoula Floods. I guess that’s good ’cause I was already hot.

We trudged along. Up a hill. Down a hill. Up another. We sure were doing a lot of lookin’ for those lilies!

Sage: What’s up, Mom?

Mom: We sorta went the wrong way…I know they’re just over this hill.

And voilà! There they were. A whole field of them! Did you know their bulbs were considered very valuable by Native Americans? They ground them up and used them as a sweetener during special occasions. 

A field of liliesAll I cared about was my tongue was still hanging out. But never fear. Water was near.

Of course, we HAD to see a waterfall. After all, what’s a hike in the Gorge or even the edge of the Gorge without a waterfall or two? Pothole Waterfall

 There were more in the park, but would we get lost again?

We headed down a narrow trail that promised another waterfall ahead. Down a trail

We started going down and down. The trail got even narrower. Mr. N was ahead and I wanted to be up there with him.

Sage: Come on, Mom. Get the lead out! 

Mom: Slow down, Sage! This path is steep, rocky and full of roots. And you’re on a leash and weigh 42 pounds.

Sage: Mom, why are you on your butt?

We did reach the bottom without further incident and there it was! (You sorta have to look through the trees).Lower Falls

Another short hike back up a hill took us back to the lake, the parking lot and our car. It was one of the bestest adventures yet, even if we did get lost a few times….