On the Beach

After a quick bite to eat (Mom had the best salmon taco ever!), Mr. N, our Moms and little ol’ me, were ready to hit the beach!A bite to eatCannon Beach, on the northern coast of Oregon, is home to several lava-created monoliths called haystack rocks.Haystack Rock And there’s a long stretch of beach that’s very walk-able.Walking the beachWe stopped at Haystack Rock–there’s always something to find hanging on the rocks in the tidal pools.A starfish

Or just enjoying the view.SeagullA bit further down the beach, we came to another ‘intertidal’ rockAlong Cannon Beachwhere I needed a cool down!A dip in the ocean

Then it happened. A flock of shorebirds took off. And so did I.The bird race

The chase was on. They flew just above the sand and twisted and turned across the beach. I was right behind. All of a sudden, I looked up and realized how far I’d gone. I think I hear Mom calling.  (See Haystack back there? That’s how far I chased those birds)A pooped pupAfter a short rest, we sloggered on until we reached Hug Point, 5.2 miles from where we started. It was hard to believe this was once a ‘road’ that connected Cannon Beach to another point further south! Hug PointWe found some sea anemones in the tidal pools below these rocks. They weren’t as dramatic as some we’ve seen, but not bad!sea anemone

As we headed back, I thought it was a very good day.walking the beach


Mom’s been a bit under the weather, so to speak, so we haven’t been around to visit everyone. But we’re baaaaaack!