A 5-Dog Hike

As soon as I see Mr. N, I know another awesome adventure is coming up! Little did I know we’d be joined by Wilhelm, Brychwyn and Huxley of the Cascadian Nomads, who were on their way home from another of their memorable trips. A short walk to a school yard to get to know each other 5 dogs in a school yard

and then off to Forest Park for a hike in the woods. Forest Park

We chose the Maple Trail, a lush walk through big-leaf maples and red alders. And of course, large swordtail ferns. The trail eventually turned into tall grasses that threatened to engulf the path. on the pathWe forged on for a bit before turning back to the lushness of the forest. Mr. N found an interesting upcropping of trees that made a good vantage point over the other dogs.

Not to be undone, I took my turn. After all, I was the “tomboy princess” of the group. Actually, it was definitely a nice place for a rest.Along the trail

Culminating the hike was a meeting with the cockatoo, Leo. meeting leo

I was fascinated with this bird…he even talked to me!

With promises of future 5-dog hikes, we parted for the day. Mom whispered in my ear that a hike up a giant monolith is coming up. I wonder what that means?