O’ Christmas Tree

I was out looking at the moon last nightAnd it was VERY cold–well, for here. Snow does fall on my site and it’s really pretty, so I *think* I’d like it…..

So, Mom said it was almost Christmas and we should get a tree. Not sure what that’s all about–we have tons of trees all around our house.  But, whatever! We walked over to the local tree lot a few blocks away and checked out the merchandise (that’s what they call it when you sell stuff, right?)There were trees all tied up, and trees with branches sticking out everywhere!

I think these are too big for our little house, Mom.

See? You are remembering all those big, ginormous trees of Christmas past.

Mom sighed, and we looked and looked and found one MY size. Mom said it was very special because I’ve never had a Christmas tree–they stuck me in puppy prison holiday camp last year and just left me there while they went off without me. But I have my very own tree now! What’s that? I have to share?