Mosier Plateau Hike

We’re a little late getting this out, but it was such a good hike that I just had to tell you about it!

Mosier is a little town about 70 miles east of Portland, so we met up with Mr. N at 1000 Acres. A good run before heading out was needed by both of us and the long drive to Mosier gave us both time to catch a quick nap. When we turned off the highway (that always wakes me up), we got a little lost. The trailhead wasn’t well marked, but after Mom got on her trusty phone, we backtracked and found it. Off we went!

We followed the trail past a pioneer cemetery nestled on the side of the hill and soon came to a waterfall.Mosier Falls

It was a fairly easy hike to the top of the plateau–some stairs to climb and a bunch of switchbacks–and wild flowers all over the place. I saw a lizard and my prey drive kicked in! Good thing Mom always keeps me on a leash when we’re hiking. But I inspected every grouping of rocks–I was sure there were more!

The best part was at the top–we could see the Columbia making its way to the ocean. What a view!The Columbia RiverSage at the Columbiai was glad Mom packed plenty of water…my black coat makes me even hotter! And I’m even gladder Mom puts flea and tick medicine on me–one of those nasty ticks got on me, but Mom got it off before it could do any harm. Those things are just plain icky!!

We stayed up there for a while. Me looking for lizards; the Moms enjoying the scenery and Mr. N watching several Hawks circling overhead.HawkI told Mr. N not to worry. I would have no problem chasing them away. What were they thinking anyway?

And now Mom is off taking care of the Popstar, but we’ll be around to see everyone really soon.

Sticks, Sticks and More Sticks!

Always eager for adventure, a day at the river with Mr. N and Mort of Dogthusiast was filled with sticks and mischief. I’m always up for a game of stick–especially if it’s thrown into the river! Sage

Fetch and swimming go together, at least that’s what I say. Bringing back a stick

I got back to the river bank and who was waiting for me? None other than my bud, Mr. N–eager to do a little stick-stealing.  Coming ashore

And of course, I let him.Here you are, Mr. N!

He was all into it–and got a bit muddy in the process. 😀A good game of tugMeanwhile, Mort found a stick of his own.

Let's see you throw this one!

Let’s see you throw this one!

 He didn’t get any takers, so I challenged him to a game of chase.Mort & SageI was a blur….

And we had fun!

Splish, Splash

I had my usual dip in a mud puddleme--in the mudWhen I heard a noise…


There’s another dog like me? And in MY mud puddle?Another mud loverDon’tcha think I’m such a good influence on others of my species? 😀



Of course, you know what that means…




Splish, splash, I was runnin’ in the riverRunningThinking…I have a pretty good life!
The jumpEvery time the stick went in

There was more splishin’ and a-splashin’The diveAnd the mud magically disappears.

(I wonder if that other dog knows Mom’s trick?)


It all began last night when Mom said a surprise was in store for the morning. I saw her put the treat bag and water bottle on the table, so I knew it was going to be F..U..N!! So, at 5:45 am this morning, I jumped on the bed and immediately licked Mom in the eyes.

Me: MOM! Open those eyes. It’s time to get going.

Mom: Sage… do you know what time it is?

Me: Um, yes. The sun is up and I’m ready! Do you need more kisses?

We met my furiends Macy, Toby and Heidi at 7am and off we went to my favorite place in the world–1000 Acres. We always go through the meadows first so I can get some good running in. Or would you call it “sproinging”? Here’s a little of what I do:

After the meadow, off we went down a path–over towards those trees.

Down the path

Down the path

The grass was getting higher and higher

Even the slugs were HUGE!

Giant Slug---ICK

Giant Slug—ICK

I ended up covered in grass seed

Me--covered in grass seed

Me–covered in grass seed

Mom said I had enough seed in my furs to plant a field! And no mud-puddles to be found, but I did sneak down into the Columbia and got washed off. Not to Mom’s standards, but what does she know?

A nice snooze in my condo is just the ticket to get me all refreshed for the next adventure. When are we going, Mom???Zzzzzz Hope your weekend goes as well as mine has!

Kelley Point Park

We ventured out to a new park (for us) this week. There are some pretty high standards I look for in places to visit–specifically, a water source and somewhere to play and hike. Not too hard to fulfill where we live, but those are MY standards. Mom? She was just bored with where we normally go.

Kelley Point Park, one of the many parks maintained by the city, is right here in Portland. And water? Imagine the Willamette River meeting the Columbia River.  That’s a LOT of water!

Willamette and Columbia Rivers

Willamette and Columbia River confluence–Sauvie Island is to the left.

OMD, I was in doggy heaven and I guess those fishermen were in fish heaven out there on the river.

We found a beach and I had a most satisfying roll in some very fine sand.

Then a swim in the mighty Columbia.

Somehow all that sand fell out of my furs.

All in all, we thought it was a very fine park–four paws up! It’s a bit far from our house, but that’s okay for an adventure every once in a while.

The Smith and Bybee Lakes Wetland Park was just down the road a piece, a place we’ll save for another day.

But look what we found.

Tree snags

Tree snags

Someone was very creative!

Friday This ‘n’ That and Here ‘n’ There


First of all, your kindness and thoughtfulness made my Dad really happy. We can’t thank you enough! And now I’m going to spend all my waking time trying to catch up with everyone. Well, after a little cat nap in my condo.

Mom knows I have to get out and run several days a week (that’s over and above the daily walks and my agility lesson and shoppin’ and stuff).  She says I’m high-maintenance, but I know she loves it. 🙂

We managed a few of my favorite places and one I haven’t been to recently.


The other day, as I sat at the base of a tree high above the Columbia River, I contemplated my next move. Do I race down the cliff and run around on the riverbank, or race down the cliff and hop in the river? I have such hard life-decisions to make sometimes.

Yesterday, Mom and I went on a hike up Powell Butte. We love it there…lots of big trees, and ferns and sometimes a black-tailed deer. © sagechronicles.wordpress.comI  run and run, never getting far away. There are lots of things to explore…like this pipe.

It's like a tunnel, Mom!

It’s like a tunnel, Mom!

Please note the water coming out. I just don’t understand why Mom says I could find a mud-hole in the Sahara Desert. You know I have to find one somewhere. I just pretended to look in the pipe.

Fooled you, Mom!!

I liked this fallen tree. It had an opening I could look through and it framed the forest behind, even though it’s a bit blurry.



And this spot in the forest is actually quite beautiful…except I was more interested in the squirrel I thought was there. Not. 







I leave you with one of my favorite things to do. This was at 1000 Acres. 

© sagechronicles.wordpress.comMom! Not the hose? Really??????

Muddy Monday Mischief

It was a really nice day today…67 degrees F (19.4 C)…with a high cloud cover. AND, no rain. A perfect day for 1000 Acres. Mom must have thought so too, especially after I dug a second hole in the yard…. 🙂

The meadows are made for racing as fast as I can and I sure did. I know you’re expecting to see me in all my muddy glory, but somehow it didn’t work out. Not that I didn’t see plenty of these.I think it was the timing, but I’m not telling Mom that, so keep it a big secret! She mistakenly thinks I’m growing up (I’ll be 3-years old in 3 weeks) and I’m letting her stay in her delusional state…it’s easier that way.

We made our way out to the Columbia River. I HAD to do some swimming, after all. When we were at this same spot a couple of months ago, it was nothing but beach! What a difference a few months (and some rain) makes!

We walked along the river for a bit and found a couple of funny structures. Branches and sticks were cut up and made a funny shelter. I though maybe the sticks were for throwing out in the water so their dog could go fetch (like I do), but Mom said they were duck blinds. I didn’t know ducks were blind…..

The human who made this one even brought his own seat and left some very interesting smells.


I was glad no one was there. They might have thought I was a duck!



I didn’t want to disappoint you with no Muddy Monday picture, so I dug one up just for you! Remember this?
Mom entered me in a Foundation/Wahl® Dirty Dog contest and they’re picking the top 25 contestants on November 9. If I make it to this level, I’ll let you know and hope you’ll go vote for me. There’s $5,000 going to the Oregon Humane Shelter (where Mom & Dad rescued me) if I win!