A Trip to the Tulip Farm

There’s a farm south of here that’s full of tulips.A field of tulips

And every year they have a tulip festival–a rainbow of color as far as we could see! It was a warm day and Mom knew a mud puddle wasn’t in my future (even though I saw some…). With my cooling coat on and some water to drink, I wasn’t feeling overheated.

So much exploring to do. Where should Mr. N and I start? We walked row after row after row of tulips until we found a tractor to ride!IMG_7942

You drive, Mr. NIMG_7940I’ll navigate.

A short rest on a nearby benchA sea of tulipsand we were ready for more!

Buckets of tulips

Soon it was time to go home, but not before visiting one of the many windmills at the farm.Windmill at Tulip Farm

We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next adventure!

When It’s Hot

I’m always up for the usual things: eating frosty treats; playing in the pool; swimming in the river; going to the beach; laying on a cool spot on the floor. We’ve been hot this week…not as bad as a lot of you, but still hot…and our air conditioning consists of a small window unit in the kitchen. So, Mom bought me a cooling coat.

I'm double-cool here!

I’m double-cool here!

There are a lot of these in different variations–this one is made of reflective material. Once it’s wet (Mom gets it almost dripping wet), it’s nice and cool against my furs. I use this when we go for walks–as soon as the temperature hits 70 degrees F, my tongue is out and I’m draggin’. There’s a piece that goes under my chest that helps keep my tummy cool too–almost as good as a mud puddle!

Mystic’s idea of staying cool is a bit different from mine. 🙂

I may look cool, but I'm not. :)

I may look cool, but I’m not. 🙂

I don’t know what she’s thinking—Mom’s not going to wet her lap quilt!

Heat affects Mom’s garden in different ways too. The tomatoes act like they’re on steroids and are lovin’ it. The cool weather veggies…not so much. Mom has a plant called an Epiphyllum (commonly called a Night-blooming Cereus) that she’s had FOREVER. It actually came from Texas, where they once lived way, way, way before me. It loooooves heat and will actually start blooming here in the summer. The crazy thing about this plant is that the bloom only comes out at night and dies when the sun hits it the next day. I guess that’s how it stays cool! 

We hope everyone is staying cool in some way or another.