Being Stylish Together

I kept hearing Mom say she wanted to find some squirrel fabric. WHAT?? I’d be more than happy to accommodate her with some of those bushy-tailed rats that are constantly teasing me in my backyard. Having never caught one might have delayed the search though…

I digressed a bit there, but those darn squirrels really get me going sometimes. So, why did she want squirrel fabric? I was soon to find out it meant Mr. N and an adventure!

I was sooooo excited to see Mr. N–it’s been a long month, let me tell you, since we were last together. We played and wrestled and then got down to the business of fun. And that began with something new on our collars.
Mr. N & Sage

Matching bandanas!

With squirrels!!My new bandana

I particularly liked the jaunty over-the-shoulder look. And the way those squirrels are running. Just what they should be doing!

A Poppy Weekend

I’ve missed all of you, but I’m back!

Mom’s been doing something called “Poppy-proofing” the house so she hasn’t allowed me on her computer. For a whole week. I didn’t know what that was all about, but I was about to find out. That little baby came back to see me and since I don’t see little babies very often, I had to do a lot of sniffin’.

It’s funny how babies smell different from bigger humans. It was a good smell though, so I decided she was going to be part of my pack. And I wasn’t going to let her out of my sight…wherever Poppy went, I went too. Even when I took her to the park where I play ball. I know you probably think I’m silly for turning down some ball playing, but when Poppy went back to the car so she could have a bottle, I told Mom “that was enough…little Poppy needs me with her“. And I left. And went back to the car too. MOM! Are you coming?

We went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden yesterday. There were ducks and geese EVERYWHERE. Of course, they were all on the bank until I got there. I wonder what scared them?It was fun watching them (actually, I wanted to get in that lake with them).But, I did sneak a little belly wetting time in this pond. (Don’t tell anyone!)

Mom! There’s more ducks over there. Can I chase them? Just a little? Puleeze???

She wouldn’t let me…I don’t know what’s up with that? I thought I was a herding dog.

Sage, there are rules.

Poppy left a while ago to go home. I already miss her! But I gave her a kiss goodbye.