Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Sage, that's what they call mountains over there. See?

Someone asked what my role is with Toby now.

First I have to set the stage with how it was when I was a young lass. He was my teacher. He was my rock. I was the pup that needed to learn…and did I ever! He taught me how to play. When I was introduced to something new, like an antler, he showed me it wasn’t something scary. He was (and still is) my cheerleader.

So, what about now? I’m the young adult taking care of an aging parent. I lick the bare spot on his leg. I lick his ears. I correct him when someone comes to the door and he barks. (Unfortunately, Mom says I haven’t gotten that quite right yet. Sometimes I bark too….)

The OP Pack asked how Toby was doing. Well, I think I’ll let him tell you. He’s still a pretty good story-teller.

Toby here: Where do I start? Oh, I remember! It’s quite a tale, beginning with the mites (that would be demodectic mange) a couple of years ago. It turned out my immune system was lousy because of my thyroid.  I kept losing weight and was getting pretty slim. I thought I was fitting into some pretty good skin! But it turned out I had something called Cushing’s Disease. That’s when I met a special vet who gave me magic powders to fight my dragons and Mom was given special powers to knight me Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl. 

That fight has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The dragon lair had all these babies in there that started attacking me. And attacking me. My Cushing’s Disease turned into Addison’s Disease and I was given a new sword called prednisone. It’s worked pretty well, but it brought those darn mites back. My feet were itching like all get out.

A new dragon came into the was dubbed spinal myleopathy (kind of a weird name for a dragon, but what the hey). I think that’s the one that’s going to take me down. Some days it’s hard to get up the steps. I don’t go for long walks any more. But, the itchy mites are gone and I’m still getting around. It’s not easy getting old (I’m a tottering 12 1/2 now), that’s for sure and I’ve had my share of dragons to fight!

Well, that’s Toby’s least the short version. And to answer my own question…yes, I’m now my brother’s keeper. Well, sorta.

So, what’s up with me? I’m growing moss. We are going to set an all time record for rainfall this month. Even the mud-puddles are no fun. But, I started Canine Good Citizens classes so that means some darn good treats coming my way! I make sure Toby gets his share too.

Wordless Wednesday: Watch, Mom!

Getting down on the dock ramp is easy, but I still won’t get into the pool. I see a lesson coming up!

Update on Toby: His treatment of Cushing’s Disease with the drug Lysodren is a fine balancing act of trying to bring his cortisol levels down to normal. He responded to just a few days of treatment with a drop a bit too far and became lethargic and had no appetite. We are in daily contact with the vet specialist, who has been closely monitoring him. We started Toby on prednisone last night and it seems to be working. It’ll be some back and forth with the drugs, but, with some tinkering, we will eventually achieve a workable level.

Of course, Sir Pantsalot would tell you the dragon was a bit fearsome and almost won the first round. But our brave knight conferred with his special vet and has a new secret weapon. A magic powder was added to his sword and he, along with his sidekick Sage, are returning for another round. VICTORY WILL BE HAD!

The Battle has Begun

Sir Pantsalot here. Just wanted to let you know the battle with my dragon has begun. Training has been non-stop. First, I had to learn how to sling that sword around. That was a little hard for a four-legger, let me tell you. Then, would you believe it, my special vet said I had to learn to ride a mighty steed. Pshew, I never knew it was so hard, but I’m getting the hang of it! Maybe if I’d sling that left front leg over to the other side…..

My sword has been sprinkled with magic potion and I’m in full fight mode, slowly moving towards the dragon’s lair.

I’ve thought and thought about this dragon, because I don’t know what to expect. This dragon could be goofy and easy to slay–

or mean and scary–which means I could be in the fight of my life.

But, I have a secret weapon (don’t tell anyone–it might get back to the dragon). It’s SAGE! She said that nasty old dragon wasn’t going to get the best of me and that was that!! She’s a feisty one, that’s for sure.

Note from Mom: Toby started treatment for Cushing’s Disease a couple of days ago. So far, so good. The vet is in constant contact, but doesn’t expect much change for a couple more days. Fortunately, Toby hasn’t shown any un-welcome symptoms at this point.

So, let’s go see what everyone is doing at the Saturday Blog Hop!

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Sir Pantsalot

Hi! Toby here. Even though it’s Wordless Wednesday day, I told Mom I wasn’t going to go another day without telling you of my knighthood. I was pretty stoked about it, let me tell you. So, this is what happened.

I heard Mom say on the phone that I panted a lot and drank a lot. I do drink a lot, but I thought that was OK. Apparently not.So, last night I had a dream that I was riding a mighty stead and going off to slay a bunch of dragons. (I wonder if that’s because one of my kittehs slept with me last night?) Anyhow, that dream was pretty impressive, so I got to thinking–what if I was a real knight. I do have a round table. See?We talked it over and Mom said she had the power to knight me right here and on the spot! I am now Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl! Now that I have all these special powers, Mom said I had to go visit a special(ist) vet to get my magic sword. I guess only knights of the realm can visit them. I’m glad I had that dream!If you have any dragons lying around, let me know! I can officially come slay them for you–as soon as I get my sword, of course.

Mom here: Toby has many of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease and, unfortunately, it couldn’t be ruled out with the latest test. Next step is a visit with a vet internist who will make the final determination and treatment recommendations. Poor Tobs has gone through a lot this past year with demodectic mange, extremely low thyroid and now this. Fortunately he’s happy, eats well and loves to go on all of Sage’s adventures (except the mud, of course. That’s totally Sage!) And in answer to those who wonder whether she actually gets in the car that muddy–of course not. That’s the whole beauty of going to 1000 Acres. There’s more than enough good water out there where she swims off all the mud before we get back to the car.

Morning Sounds

Mornings are full of birds cheeping, crows cawing and maybe the chatter of a squirrel–I sure know that sound! So, I’ve decided my favorite perch in the early mornings is the corner of the bench. That way I can survey all the surrounding trees.Sometimes Lulu comes out and we talk about our day. (Lulu is a yellow lab that lives behind us.) We always have a lot to talk about–it’s nice to have neighbors!I also think about what we’re going to do today–Mom says we are going to practice “jumps”! And then go for a walk. I wonder where?

Pee Ess: Mom says to tell you about Toby. His liver enzymes are elevated and the vet is running another test today to try to rule out Cushing’s disease.