Moving has been…well…interesting. And quite the adventure!

  • We sold our house–that was easy.
  • We bought a house–not so easy.

At least I think we have a new house. Mom says we do, but we’ve been living here, there and somewhere since we left Portland! Right now, we’re in a (sorta) Tiny House (that’s what Mom calls it) somewhere in Marin California. At least the kitties are now with us and we are surviving in 290 sq. ft. — about the size of a big crate, don’tcha think?

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed the wildlife. I wasn’t sure about those sheep, but we actually touched noses! Maybe that wasn’t what a herding dog should do, but I was trying to be neighborly. You have to do that when you move, or so they say….

On the other hand, those deer weren’t taking any chances!

I understand there’s a bunch of hiking trails nearby, so I think we’ll be checking some of them out soon. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve found nearby:


Pretty militant, huh?


More my speed! 😀 Too bad there wasn’t any water!

Deer Hunting Pooch

My cousin is pretty silly–he LOVES climbing this tree in his backyard. And there aren’t even any squirrels up there! Do you think he was looking for deer?

Or maybe he was looking for my birthday! It’s here, TODAY, but I can’t celebrate until everyone comes back from Texas. I can’t wait!!!

I think Dexter and I should hop over to the Blog Hop! No telling what we can see!!!

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