I can find water anywhere!

Mom says if there’s water, I’ll find it. And I did! We went to 1000 acres yesterday for a looooong walk. She said we weren’t going to the Sandy River because I needed to work on “come”. Remember how I went in those people’s pool the other day? Mom hasn’t forgotten either….

There are LOTS of trails out there, so off we went. Mom would say “come” and I came. Sometimes there were too many things to sniff, so I let her wait a while until I finished checking them out. She said I shouldn’t do that–she’s the boss. Yeah, right. Well, I guess she is because she put me on the leash for a while. Bummer. She had to do that a few times, but I was really getting better. I thought so anyhow. And she had some great cheese–it made me want to “come”.

We walked through some woods and then down in the meadow. Toby II and I were having fun! (Did I tell you he and his sister Macy came with us?) We met a lot of dogs and one was playing with a ball. I got to chase after the ball with that dog, but I was good and always came back. See, told you I was getting better!

Toby II & me

After going in the pond

That is, until I smelled water. Did you know I could smell it from far away? That’s because I LOVE water. Mom couldn’t see me and was saying “come”. Do you know, I actually did! I had to show her what I had found. It was a pond that had a little water left in it and there it was! I was so proud! Mom came to see and I showed her. She told me I could find water if it was 1000 miles away. I think she’s silly.

She put me on the leash again–she said I had to learn that I couldn’t just go back to the water if she said I had to go with her. That was OK; I was nice and wet and dirty!

I need a rest too

Macy got overheated and laid down. She didn’t want to get up. Janice (Mom’s friend) was real worried, but she poured water all over Macy and we stayed with her. I stayed too. Macy got up after a while–she said she was feeling a little better. We went home to tell Dad how good I was. He was proud of me!!

I had to have a bath before I could even eat my lunch. I had so much mud on me that the bathtub stopped up! Pretty good, huh? But, somehow that’s not as good as going to the river or the pond…..

Ugh–I Failed Recall

Who said? I think I do pretty darn well at “come”, but I think I must have a limit. The other night, I found it. But, to be fair, on a scale of 1 to 10, this was a 10 in the distraction list. It was MORE than a ten, if you really want to know. Let me tell you what happened.

We went to the local park where I ran and played with a whole lot of dogs. Every time Mom called me, I came. Somebody even told Mom how good I was doing. Well, a little dog came–he was a new arrival–so Toby and I went to greet him. He got all scared and stuff and ran down to the street. Of course, I went too, and I sorta came when called. What did this little dog do next? He ran back down there and so did I. Mom was right behind me.

THEN, I saw this chocolate lab that I had been playing ball with. He lives across the street, so I went over to see him. Mom was still right behind me, but I was faster and wasn’t listening anymore. And this boy who lives with lab tried to catch me. Well, I showed them! I wasn’t going to be caught. I ran into their back yard, out and around and back in again, out and around and back in again. Mom heard the man say: “Don’t let that dog get in the pool!” Then I saw it–WATER!! Of course I jumped in, you know how much I love water. But Mom pulled me out right away. I didn’t even get to show her how well I can swim…….

I don’t think Mom was real happy. She made me go home and I heard her talking about me to Dad. She said I needed more training and it wasn’t my fault. IT WAS THEIRS!! Ha, I knew it. Not my fault–told you so.

Uh-oh, she brought out the big guns and called my trainer–his name is Doug and he knows ALL about dogs.  I guess this was serious–I was just having a little fun.

He told her it sounded like the “perfect storm” of distractions and that will happen. We just need to keep working on my recall (whoopee, I know what that means: treats!). He had several suggestions and they all sounded like it meant I was going to have more fun! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

* Mom and Dad can get a wading pool and say “come” and give me a treat and then let me go back in the water. And then do it all over again. What’s wrong with that?

* Doug said he can come to 1000 acres with us and help Mom and Dad teach me that I have to stay with them when we get close to the river. That’s because I run ahead before we get there. I know where I’m going–why do I have to wait? He said to put me on a long lead when we get close (that really long one?) and I’ll learn who’s boss. Shoot, I thought I was, but Mom says NO!  How about sometimes? She still said NO! She said we’ll go out there this weekend and let Doug know how I do.  YAY–the river!! I’m ready–let’s go.

* He also thought I’d learn that the surf was scary–that’s the ocean, right? Well, take me back! I’ll see about that. I heard them say I’m just a dog and I do dog things. And I’m young.


Goin’ to the River

I think it’s about time I told you more about my love of water. I’ve been building up to it, but you don’t really know, do you?

A few weeks ago, we went back to the 1000 acre dog park (Sandy River Delta Park) with my best friend Toby II. There are soooo many trails out there, I could get lost really easy, but I knew “come” and Mom and Dad had my favorite “come” treat–cheese. Toby II and I were having such a good time.

Heading for the water

I heard Mom tell her friend Janice that she didn’t know what I would think about water. Well, to tell the truth, neither did I, because that was before I was a fountain. We walked and walked (or should I say, they did–I ran and ran). All of a sudden there it was!! Water!!!

That's me!

I LOVE it; I LOVE it; I LOVE it!! Dad said I looked like a dolphin, because I was bouncing in the water. That’s pretty silly, I’m NOT a fish, but I guess dolphin aren’t either (or so they say).

Toby II liked the water also, but my Toby didn’t. Neither did Macy (Toby II’s older sister). That’s OK. All the more for me!

I'm faster than Toby II

Do you want to know what else I did? I SWAM! It was so easy. I bet everyone can do it. Here’s what happened:

See me? I'm swimming!

There was a man throwing a ball WAY out in the river for his dog. I love to go after balls, so I thought that was a good game. Next time, I went too. The water was deep–I couldn’t stand up. So, I swam. Easy as that.

I also raced on the beach. There was a lot of sand! In and out and around and down I went. Pshew, I was getting tired.

When we got home, guess what Mom and Dad did? They gave me a BATH. More water, but it wasn’t as much fun. I loved the river! When are we going back?

I am a fountain!

Have I told you I LOVE water? I love water more than I love digging. I have a lot of stories to tell you about water, but I just had to share this one with you. My Mom’s friend Janice has two dogs and one of them is my very best friend-his name is Toby (like my brother) and Mom calls him Toby II. He’s a Great Pyrenees mix and is SOOOO big, but he loves me and I love him. He’s my best friend, did I tell you that?

Janice said we could come over last night–I’ve never been in Janice’s yard. She has grass! And she has a wading pool she bought for her dogs, but I love water more than they do. I know.

Toby II and I played and played and played. Then I saw the water! My eyes lit up and I stepped in. Ahhhhhhhh

Mom thought I was pretty silly, but what are you going to do when you have a mouth full of water? I was a fountain!!

I sure hope I can go back and play at Janice’s again.