Muddy Monday

I’m off to prison my exciting new boarding facility today–remember Mom will be gone a WHOLE month? There’s this little hu-man baby arriving in San Francisco really soon now. At least that’s what they’re telling me. But, Dad will be back in a few days, so he’ll break me out of there. At least he’d better!!

But, before I leave, I couldn’t pass up another Muddy Monday. I’ve certainly had more spectacular ones, but this is the best you can get when it’s HOT and all the water is drying up and there’s nothing but dirt. Except at the river.Pee Ess: I think I might be able to sneak a few stories to you while Mom is gone and we’ll be checking in with you the whole time!  So, don’t forget me…….

Pirate Sage

I was out at the river the other day, playing ball and minding my own business. Then this kayaker went by, heading for the dock, and told me to check out the ship moored in the river. and there it was. A pirate ship! At least I thought it was….PeeEss: That WASN’T me out there near it. I was back closer to shore getting my hat on straight. See?I don’t think that dog was pirate material. After all, where was HIS hat? And I was ready to swim on out there with proper pirate attire. I wonder if they’d take me on as a deck hand? I think I have all the qualifications. I have a ball. I work hard in the water. What else could you want?At first, Toby thought I was crazy, but he stood there waiting to see if I’d make it. He was feeling pretty good that day and decided he’d be a good pirate too.Ahoy there–wait for me, Sage! Maybe we can get some blog hoppers to join us. Avast ye, Mateys, come on aboard!

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Toby, My Epi and Me

I bet you wonder what that’s all about? Mom has this plant that has these big ol’ flowers that show up in the summer. She told me it was an Epiphyllum, but I tried and tried to say that big word and it was coming out all messed up. So, I call it My Epi! This is what the flower looks like.

The funny thing about My Epi is that it blooms in the dark and then….poof….it’s gone as soon as the sun hits it. Sorta like a vampire, I guess. Except it doesn’t suck your blood….

I asked Mom about My Epi, and she said this one came from a plant her Mom had. That means its older than the hills! (Sorry Mom). It takes years until it decides to bloom, especially in the cooler climate we have in Oregon. So, Toby and I decided to pose in front of some of this year’s blooms.  We had to hurry, though…Posing’s always good for a treat–at least, that’s what I say!

A Tour-Willamette River

I felt so happy about my tour directing, that I decided to give my Toby a tour of a new (to me) swim hole. We went today, the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer, and it was gloriously wet and cool in the Willamette River. Toby hasn’t been able to go with me as much here lately, but he told me he still has a bit of life in him yet and HE WANTED TO GO–yes sirree, that’s what he said! And he had fun on my tour, I just know it. But I digress–I’m suppose to be giving a tour……

There was a lot going on today! Power boats racing by.A skier (not sure I’d like that).

Some people in a kayak and a jet boat with a whole lot of people! Some guy was taking pictures–I wonder if he took one of me? And,  do you see those ducks? I’m glad they didn’t want my ball!

Oh, by the way, you can rent those kayaks. I didn’t see any dogs in the ones that went by. I wonder if that’s something I can add to my tours?

Check out this big boat. I bet there were a whole bunch of people on it watching me play ball! You get a lot of exposure out on this river!I had to take a little time out from my tour to chew on a piece of wood I found in the river, but Toby was OK with that. He said wood-chewing was important–it was a great source of fiber. He’s taught me so much…. To complete my tour, a little shake off is in the itinerary. It’s part of the whole package, in case you didn’t know.I hope you enjoyed my tour of this part of the Willamette River!

Tour Director

The other day, my BFF Toby II came over to visit (we call him Toby II because my Toby was here first). I’ve known Toby II since I was just a wee lass. He puts up with my exuberance, probably because he’s a gentle giant of a Great Pyrenees mix. Toby II has been over to visit before, but I hadn’t given him a proper tour.

Come on, Toby II, get the lead out!

I led him around the dining room table a couple of times–he needed to inspect my condo, which you know is one of my favorite place to watch out the window. Then we toured the kitchen where he inspected the counter tops. I was impressed! He doesn’t even have to stand on his tippy-toes to see.

We completed the tour in the living room.His Mom gave us all a bunch of new treats. She was VERY happy that I had become such a good tour director. Maybe I should go into business?

A New Swim Hole

it’s a good thing we are surrounded by rivers here in Portland. We went to a new park the other day in a town called West Linn–it was just a hop and skip down the road–and took a little walk through some woods. All of a sudden, there it was. The Willamette River. Mom sure knows how to make me happy! Swimming is becoming my favorite thing to do. Well, next to playing ball. But when you add a ball to water, what do you get! MEJust keep pitching that ball! I’m on it.I’m waiting……………