Boulder Bounding

See these big, giant rocks? There’s more to playing in a river besides swimming. I thought I’d try these boulders out for size.Caly, Tucker & I played “three men on a mountain”. Or, would that be “three dogs……..”?Up and down, we ran.You can’t catch me!I haven’t figured out how to jump off into the river. Mom says I probably wouldn’t be good at dock-diving….So, I’m just going to jump down and join everyone for the Saturday Blog Hop. How about you?

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Romp in the Park

Wow, what a change out at 1000 Acres! The trees are all leafed out and the grass is green–well, it was longer….. Anyway, the picture on the left was taken April 1!

But, don’t worry, The mud’s still there! Mom got some great new Sloggers for Mother’s Day from her hu-son and daughter-in-law. They KNOW what Mom needs! Just the ticket for a cute, sweet, loveable mud-loving dog like me! (I’m not modest, you see. Dogs tell it like they see it.)See those little flowers? They’re probably a weed, but that’s OK. The 3 musketeers (Caly, Tucker and I) loved racing in that tall grass. You never know what’s over the next hill!We’re all about the same age, but Caly can only catch me if she grabs my tail! She’s pretty careful, though. I haven’t lost any hair yet! We were one big blur here!Of course, we have to find some water. What’s 1000 Acres if there isn’t water! My favorite pond is going down though. Pretty soon we might be able to actually go to the river! Mom won’t let me now–she says it’s too dangerous. What does she know?????

I found a ball and you know what that means. BALL TIME! They threw it out into the water and I was having the best time swimming out after it. See my wake? Sophie makes great wakes too! She’s got an orange ball–I just got a left-over, crushed up ball that I had to find and I (all by myself, don’t ya know) magically turned it into a round perfect ball!! But a orangey ball like Sophie’s would have been nice. MOMMMMMMMMMCaly and Tucker decided I had to do all the work when it comes to swimming.You notice THEY barely got in to their tummies. Tucker moved in for my grand entrance back to shore. It’s nice to have such a great welcoming committee!!

On to the Bird Blind

I TOLD you I had more to my adventure. Kaly and I had a little unfocused rabble-rousing on the way to a new trail at 1000 Acres.

And we found this amazing meadow!

It went on, and on, and on! And so did the 3 Musketeers!

We were pretending we were Lewis and Clark. Exploring, like they did around here.

We found this Bird Blind. This structure was part of the Confluence Project and was designed by Maya Lin. Those slats are made from the black locust tree, “a long-lasting, sustainable hardwood that is considered invasive in the Northwest.” Actually, I probably could make short work of it. Wood chewing is one of my specialties–after balls and mud, of course.

Each slat is inscribed with the 134 species Lewis and Clark identified as they forged westward. Actually, there are 4 different time periods on these slats giving the status of these species. Pretty neat, huh? Here’s just a little bit of what we could see:

I wonder if Lewis & Clark stood here and looked across the Columbia at the snow-capped mountains?

But, there’s more! You know what’s going to happen if I’m this close to water. That’s for tomorrow. I promise!!

Movin’ out!

I like to run. Yep, that’s what I said. I…LIKE…TO…RUN!

Mom says it burns up some of my “energy”.

Did you notice–no feet on the ground? Now, that’s what I call “movin’ out”!

But, I do have to stop and rest. Believe it or not.

Note the tongue. It’s sorta hanging out. Well, let me tell you, I think I’m feeling my age! I was still pooped today…..

And in case you’re wondering–I don’t get a bath EVERY week. It depends on how much mud I wash off in one of the ponds……And whether I roll in some really stinky stuff (like I did last weekend). Boy, did I ever smell NICE!! And I can’t even get in the car until Mom towels me off! She even has a special seat cover that Toby & I have to sit on. What’s up with that? Oh, right, Mom–it keeps your car a little cleaner. RIGHT!!


Just wanted to let you know the CONDO IS STILL MINE!!

Pee Ess: If you haven’t been following, this tells you about the condo wars I had with the kitties. We reached a settlement, but sometimes Mystic sneaks into my condo. I kinda like that. She secretly rubs against me too–I guess dogs and kitties CAN be furiends.

(Mystic says to tell you it sure is taking a while….)

Toby! I’m waiting……

I’ve probably told you this before, but it bares repeating: I have a hyper-button!! I don’t push it as much any more, but that doesn’t mean I can’t!  There is a routine, though, that Toby and I have worked out. It’s pretty neat.

First, Mom takes us for a walk. It doesn’t matter how far, but it’s generally at least a mile. I’m VERY good on these walks: stay right beside Mom and sit (most of the time) when she stops. You know, it’s a lot of hard work to do all that! Then we come home and go out into the back yard. That’s when it happens. I start the race and go around and around and around. Then I stop and wait. I bet you don’t know what for?

I wait for Toby!! He has to bark, you see. He’s like my cheering squad (of one). He barks, I run. He stops. I stop. He barks, I run. Pretty funny, huh?

It’s a lot of hard work on his part, you know. He has to synchronize his barks with my laps. We’ve practiced a lot on this and have it down pretty well now. I think we could sell the idea! What do you think?

Toby usually decides when it’s over. That’s when he quits barking (or Mom comes out and tells him to BE QUIET). That’s OK, though. It’s all part of the routine because it means nap time!! I do have to recharge all my batteries so I can do it again, you know.  After all, I’m still a puppy……..

PeeEsss: I heard Mom talking about starting agility training when they come back from Croatia! Mom says that will help me use up some of that high energy.

I wonder if that’s like the routine Toby and I do? Do you think I’ll need a cheering squad? Toby needs a job too!!

That Bowl has Water in It!

Today, I started out racing and chasing anything I could find. Around and around the yard; back in the house; chase a cat; back outside; SLAM–I hit the back door. Oops. Toby was cheering me on! I think I was a little crazy! I guess that hyper-button got stuck again……

Finally I laid down in the kitchen near my water bowl where it was nice and cool and wet. Really wet. Really, REALLY wet.

Mom said “Sage, what have you done?” I dunno, what did I do? I got up and walked around, looking to see what I did. Boy, that floor was wet–I was dripping! And now there were a lot of muddy footprints on the floor. They kinda looked like mine.

This is after Mom cleaned it up.

I think I somehow got a LOT of water out of that bowl where Toby and I drink. I’m not sure how I did it, but remember I was a little crazy. Dad said I probably had a mouth full of water and squirted it out (like when I was a fountain). Mom thinks I started digging in the bowl because I do that sometimes.

Mom and I cleaned it all up. She said I was a BIG help!! I love to be a helper.

I got to go to the park later so I could race and chase some more!!

Now, I’m taking a nap.

It’s fun being a puppy.