Is it Really Winter?

While most of the US east of the Rockies is still in the deep freeze, Portland chalked up the warmest February on record. Really! Snow packs less than 10% of normal and drought looming for the summer is what’s happening. So, how does this impact me?

– Mud puddles at 1000 acres are almost non-existent — a real problem in my book.

– My hair is falling out all over the place and I HATE being brushed. I think that’s a Mom problem though…

– Hikes have been on the schedule–you’ve seen several — that’s definitely a plus.

– There are still beaches at the rivers — another plus, especially at this time of the year.

And everything is in bloom.

Pee Ess: I know I was going to tell you about my adventures at the Popstar’s (some is on my FB page). I PROMISE that’ll be next, but Mom came home and got the sickies. And, I had to put my nurse cap on again.Nurse SageI don’t know if she’s better yet, but we’ll get by to see you all! Stay warm (and well)!!

In Search of Spring

It rained and rained this morning. Some of it was pretty icey, and then, for just a minute or so, it was big and white! I guess you could call it *snow*. We’re suppose to get more of this heavy, white rain tomorrow. Mom said she was ready for spring, so we went in search of it!

First, we found these dwarf irises growing in our yard!

Then we found Pansies and Primrose growing nearby.

I was getting into this posie thing! What’s next, Mom?

How about these Snowdrops, Sage?

Crocuses are always a first sign of Spring!

And look, Sage! Here are some Daffodils!

Well, Mom, if you really want to know, there's a C..A..T way down there. How do you expect me to look at this stuff when there's a C..A..T present. Can I chase it? Huh? Huh? Huh?

I guess not. Gee, she spoils all the fun…..

Here we are, back at home

We didn’t have to search very far for spring! I wonder what that white rain will do to our pretty posies?