Jumping into the New Year

While I was at Fido’s, I perfected my jumping. There are a couple of places where this can happen: half walls into the small dog park and some of the interior doors open at the top.

What’s that, Mom? They’re Dutch doors? You must be crazy–they don’t look very Dutch to me. WHATEVER!! I’m telling this story, so I’ll call them what I want….(Mom just said I sounded like a bratty teenager. Well, what does she think I am? A dog????)

So, I jump these DUTCH doors and the half wall with no problem. They partially shut the top portion of the DUTCH doors, but I was smarter than they were! I figured out how to pull it open. Then they shut the DUTCH doors all the way. Meanies…… This is a bad picture of me coming off the wall, but you get the idea.

Mom said I was going to start agility this month! If I can jump, I think I’ll like it!!

And I think jumping to the Blog Hop is a good thing to do this New Year’s Day!! Hope you are having a good one.

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Collar Chewing

This is my friend Whiffle. He’s a Silver Lab puppy and loves to play. In fact, he even got me away from my ball today, which is almost a miracle. At least that’s what my Mom says…..

We love to play neck or collar chew. Here Whiffle goes for the neck.

Then, I grab his collar.

I think we were pretty well matched!

We even played ball a bit.

I hope Whiffle comes to Fido’s (my favorite dog park) often!!

Now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop.

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Who’s the Grump?

I bet you are wondering who WAS a grump. Well, I was. I think my Mom was too, but let me tell you my side of the story.

Yesterday morning, I went outside to check the back yard perimeter. My usual thing to do–I have to make sure there have been no invaders overnight. It was still dark, but that’s OK–I have a good nose. Anyhow, I heard someone walking a dog down the street beside our house. And I heard these new dogs come out across the street. They’re new and I haven’t met them. So, I decided now was as good a time as any. Since Mom won’t leave the gate open for me, I decided to dig a hole under the fence. Yep. I did it. Never did that before, but it sure was easy.

Those are bulbs I dug up...

Before I went over to meet all these new dogs, I smelled something. (I told you I had a good nose.) It was dead and stinky and heaven to roll in. And I did. I rolled and rolled and rolled. Then I met the new dogs.

Mom spoiled it all by coming out and those hu-mans told her I was outside our fence. I was having way to much fun to go home right away, so I showed her! I ran over to my friend Janice’s house. I don’t think I’m suppose to do that, but it’s such a fun game. Mom took me home and made me come in the house. Party pooper….

The beginnings of the torture

I thought my eau de stink was most becoming, but you’ll never believe what my Mom did!! She took me to Fido’s (our indoor dog park) and had some stranger give me a bath!! Well, I like baths ok, but only when they are at home. (Remember, I just had one last Tuesday.) They’ve never done this to me before. Do you think it was mean of them? I do.

Do I look happy? NOOOOOO

After having to get this bath and losing all my lovely smells, this hu-bather turned a hose on me! I thought I was going to get all sucked up and blown away. Mom said it was just the blow dryer, but it was scary and I was shaking. And you know what? I worked hard to smell that good. What’s the matter with them?

My stoic pose

When they were through torturing me, I went into the dog park section and every single dog came over to sniff me. Well, I really was grumpy now. I couldn’t even show off my great eau de stink. I was so grumpy I even growled at those dogs, so Mom and Dad took me home. Mom said I can’t growl at other dogs. Boy, SHE was grumpy now–I think she was growling at me!!

I was exhausted after all that and decided a good long nap would do the trick. And, guess what? It did!!!

A New Dog Park

It rains here in Portland. It rains a lot. And the dog park gets nasty and wet and muddy. Last spring we tried every one we could find and there was always lots of mud. Mom wouldn’t let me drink it–she said it was icky and would make me sick. But I did anyway! Then I would have to go home. Sometimes I still was rarin’ to go!

I have lots of energy–Mom is always saying she wished she could bottle it and sell it. We’d be RICH!! And let me tell you, just taking me for a walk is NOTHING. I have to run and wrestle–that’s because all that energy has to go somewhere. And my hyper-switch is still there!! Yep, it is.

So, Mom went on a quest and guess what she found?   FIDO’s!!   That’s a new indoor dog park–here in Portland. And it’s not far away! WOW, this is great! Toby and I love it. And all the humans are so nice! They even let me play in their water bowls. Well, what did they expect? They were just my size–I can get in and curl up!

They even have a big swimming pool! It’s HUGE. I haven’t been in it yet, but I will. You know how much I love water!! And you can stay there all night or you can stay there during the day without your Mom or Dad. I’ve never done that before–I wonder what it’s like? There are a bunch of dogs that do and they are always lounging around on the sofas and getting treats.

I love the grass area. I wanted to show you how big it is.

And I had it all to myself, but a bunch of dogs came later.

We got to run and wrestle! I LOVE Fido’s!!!