Toby here again. I’ve been thinking about the great beach trip we took on Friday and thought you’d like to see a few other things we saw at this dog park. You saw yesterday how far down we had to go to get to the beach at Fort Funston. When Luna and I saw this sign, we decided this was not a good way to go……There was a neat place in the cliff that might have been a cave. I wonder if pirates hung out here? This part of the cliff is no where’s near as high as where we came down! But we decided it was not the best place for a scramble up the rocks!!There was a memorial to greyhounds on the beach and reminded me of our many greyhound blog-buddies. Looks like they were zoomin’!!

Pretty neat, huh?

On the top, I caught a bit of shade before going back to the car.

On the way, we heard this raucous noise. Mr. Crow was talking and talking. I wondered if this was the crow that was at our house a couple of months ago? Maybe he was telling me all about his travels south. Well, I could tell him a thing or two!!

Luna and I wanted to leave you with these paw prints in the sand. We thought they were pretty special.

Day at the Beach

This is Toby here. I’m taking over for a few days while Sage is having her own adventures back in Portland. I’m here in San Francisco with my cousin Luna, and today we went to the beach at Fort Funston!See that cliff behind us? We went all the way down. For a couple of old dogs, we did pretty good, if I don’t say so myself. George the Lad would be proud of me on those steps!Luna is pretty much into the surf!Not me so much, but it was a gorgeous day! I was really happy!Is there anything better?

I have more to show you, but first we need to check out the Saturday Blog Hop!

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Mossy Trees

We–that means all of us dogs that live here in Portland–are SO thankful for 1000 acres. We can be off-leash almost everywhere. And I know most hu-mans are good about picking up after us–Mom sure is. It’s important so we get to hop along trails like this and have mud baths and go to the pond or the Sandy River. And it’s the ONLY place Mom will even let me be off-leash. I guess because I can’t run into a road…..

We are lucky, because there are many, many places where dogs can’t go or always have to be on a leash–even in Portland. One of San Francisco’s favorite off-leash places is Ft. Funston. Toby went there in December and he told me how neat it was. Dogs got to go surfing and there was even a doggie buddha. Now they are talking about banning dogs altogether there and in other places around San Francisco.

We all have to be good to our parks and obey the rules and not leave “presents” all over, that’s for sure. That way we’ll still have places to go and enjoy being a dog!

Boxing Day at Ft. Funston

I told Sage I would help her out while she’s staying at Fido’s, but little did she know Luna (another cousin) and I would go to Ft. Funston! This was doggy heaven and just a short drive from Luna’s house. Luna and I have been hanging out for days–we’ve had some pretty good times together!!

We headed down a steep path–no problem for Luna & I.

Luna knew this place and was showing me all the best spots to sniff.

Boy, if Sage were here, she’d be right out there! We even saw some dogs surfing. I have to remember to tell Sage all about that part. She’d love it!!

Luna had to wipe some surf off her nose. Not me–I don’t like getting wet.

We all had to stop at the dog buddha and tell it how much we liked this beach!!

I’m ready to go back to Ft. Funston any time!!

Mom told me tomorrow we have to drive and drive and drive back home.