Today, being my birthday and all, I’m going to tell you why I’m thankful I’ve made it to 4 years old. And besides, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so what better time than now?

  • Mom–boy, am I ever thankful she is my Mom. She’s put up with a lot over the past 4 years and I can come up with some doozies. Like the time I ate some marijuana and ended up in ICU overnight. Or the voles I dug up out at 1000 acres. Or all the mud I seem to find sticking to my furs (I’m REALLY thankful for that warm water hose-off I now get). Muddiest SageThere are some really good things I do too, like snuggles and kisses and lots and lots of walks. I have to keep Mom in shape, you know–it’s especially important in her advanced years.
  • Dad-he’s my go-to guy. If I need a tummy rub–he’s there. If I need anything requiring an opposable thumb–he’s there. If I want to lay in bed way after Mom gets up–he’s there. Dad is my rock.
  • My Friends–I luv, luv, luv all my human friends. You take me places when Mom disappears for days and days. And you play ball with me and give me some of the nummiest treats ever! You know who you are–here’s a big smoochie on your nose 😀  (Dad taught me that and I do it well).
  • I don’t necessarily like every dog there is out there any more, but I guess that’s OK. BUT, I have a few doggie furiends that I often go play with.
Game of stick

A rousing game of stick

They’re comfortable–like a warm blankie or a nice smelly antler. And I get really excited when we all pile into a car together and take off for an adventure.

    • And then there’s you–all of you out in Blogville. What would I do without you? You laugh at my silly pictures and are in awe of all the mud I find–I have a knack, you know.
    • It wouldn’t be complete without my kittehs. Yes, I heckle them. I want to herd them. I keep telling them I’m still a youngster, sowing my wild oats (I guess girl dogs sow oats).

      Has she gone yet?

      Has she gone yet?

They’ve accepted me and that’s all right. I’ll even share my bed with them! See?

So, here I am. Birthday Sage4 years old.