Beachward Bound

We haven’t been to the beach in ages, so the ‘heat-wave-that-wasn’t’ in Portland was just the excuse to go. Our original destination was a hike south of Astoria, but faulty directions forced us to end up at Gearhart Beach. A better choice in my opinion!

It was a foggy, sunny day when we arrived with Mr. N and his Mom. Much to our delight, it wasn’t very crowded. There is a section where you can drive onto this beach, but we avoided it and chose the emptier stretch. A foggy dayThere were a few tourists here and there, but not the crowds probably found further down the coast.

Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

                                        Hi! I live in Portland. How about you?

Mr. N and I played ‘stick’ for a bit. I found a really long one and Mr. N circled around, hoping to steal it. I like to shred sticks, so I broke off a piece for him. He was happy!

Moving on, I found a flock of shore birds to chase. They didn’t lead me on like the ones at Cannon Beach a few months ago. Probably a good thing–that’s pretty tiring work!

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is play in the surf. I sometimes forget this isn’t the river and drink a little of that salt water. I’ve learned over the years this isn’t a good thing to do–for some reason my breakfast kibble ends up on the sand. 😦

I just drank a little, Mom…

Playing in the surf

I even got Mr. N to play out there!