Mossy Trees

We–that means all of us dogs that live here in Portland–are SO thankful for 1000 acres. We can be off-leash almost everywhere. And I know most hu-mans are good about picking up after us–Mom sure is. It’s important so we get to hop along trails like this and have mud baths and go to the pond or the Sandy River. And it’s the ONLY place Mom will even let me be off-leash. I guess because I can’t run into a road…..

We are lucky, because there are many, many places where dogs can’t go or always have to be on a leash–even in Portland. One of San Francisco’s favorite off-leash places is Ft. Funston. Toby went there in December and he told me how neat it was. Dogs got to go surfing and there was even a doggie buddha. Now they are talking about banning dogs altogether there and in other places around San Francisco.

We all have to be good to our parks and obey the rules and not leave “presents” all over, that’s for sure. That way we’ll still have places to go and enjoy being a dog!