Mosier Plateau Hike

We’re a little late getting this out, but it was such a good hike that I just had to tell you about it!

Mosier is a little town about 70 miles east of Portland, so we met up with Mr. N at 1000 Acres. A good run before heading out was needed by both of us and the long drive to Mosier gave us both time to catch a quick nap. When we turned off the highway (that always wakes me up), we got a little lost. The trailhead wasn’t well marked, but after Mom got on her trusty phone, we backtracked and found it. Off we went!

We followed the trail past a pioneer cemetery nestled on the side of the hill and soon came to a waterfall.Mosier Falls

It was a fairly easy hike to the top of the plateau–some stairs to climb and a bunch of switchbacks–and wild flowers all over the place. I saw a lizard and my prey drive kicked in! Good thing Mom always keeps me on a leash when we’re hiking. But I inspected every grouping of rocks–I was sure there were more!

The best part was at the top–we could see the Columbia making its way to the ocean. What a view!The Columbia RiverSage at the Columbiai was glad Mom packed plenty of water…my black coat makes me even hotter! And I’m even gladder Mom puts flea and tick medicine on me–one of those nasty ticks got on me, but Mom got it off before it could do any harm. Those things are just plain icky!!

We stayed up there for a while. Me looking for lizards; the Moms enjoying the scenery and Mr. N watching several Hawks circling overhead.HawkI told Mr. N not to worry. I would have no problem chasing them away. What were they thinking anyway?

And now Mom is off taking care of the Popstar, but we’ll be around to see everyone really soon.

Wahclella Falls

In my last post, we were hiking to Wahclella Falls–I left you just before reaching our destination. So now I’ll finish my adventure.

We rounded a corner and there it was!  Wahclella Falls

One of the prettiest falls we’ve seen. Mom took a short video…the roar of the water dropping into the creek is something you don’t want to miss.

Atop a boulderWe all had dirty feet by this time and still had to walk back through a very muddy section of the trail (check out Mr. N’s blog to see how muddy it was!) We all enjoyed a foot dip in the creek at the end!Tanner Creek

Council Crest Hike

There are a lot of really great trails right within the Portland metropolitan area, so Mr. N and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and go for a hike up to Council Crest Park–about 6.4 miles round trip and 1100 feet elevation gain. At first, Mr. N thought he smelled something and didn’t want to go, but a little encouragement from some of my Papa Psuka treats (dried liver), he was ready to go! (We aren’t reviewing these treats–they’re just plain GOOD)

I’m not too sure about this, Mom

Up the trail we went. It’s always nice to be in the forest–there’s plenty of felled trees to stop and have a photo-op take a rest.

Wanna play?

Wanna play?

Up and up we went, then down a ravine and back up again. Piece of cake–at least that’s what I thought. Mom was thinking about the return trip through that ravine….

We reached the top and WOW. The views were spectacular. If you look hard, that’s Mt. Hood in the background. It had gotten a bit warmer, so Mom put my trusty cooling coat on. She’d soaked it in water and carried it in her backpack just for me!
Sage & Mr. NWe could also see Mount St. Helens (that’s the one that blew its top in 1980) on the left and Mount Adams on the right. Mt St Helens & Mt AdamsJust behind Mount St. Helens is Mt. Rainier–way up near Seattle and 104 miles from where we stood.Mt. Rainier & Mt St HelensAfter checking out all the sceniks, we found a statue of a pioneer woman and her baby. We thought it was pretty cool!

It was time to head back down the trail, with several stops for a bit of log walking.

walking the logand checking out some of the wonderful forest scenes.Along the Trail I was happy!Happy Sage

Mom here: This is the last hike for a while. While doing something stupid (trimming off some low hanging branches off a tree) I had to jump off the falling ladder and tore my ACL and another ligament in my knee. MRI Monday will tell us what the specific damage is. So, with the help of friends, Sage will continue to have adventures in the near future and we’ll be back on the trail as soon as possible. We’ll still be posting and visiting all of you though!

A Lost Adventure

I always love an adventure so when Mom said we were going to Lacamas State Park with Mr. N., I was thrilled. There was a lake, waterfalls and lots of native Camas Lilies. Mom & I set out with Googled directions in hand and headed north to Camas, WA. (PeeEss: the town was named for the lily, not visa versa)

Sage: These are really pretty houses and I see the lake! Are we there?

Mom: Uh, no, Sage. Something’s not right. 

 We went around and around the streets with no way to get to the lake. Finally Mom pulled out her trusty phone (I’m glad it was smart! 🙂 ) We finally reached a parking lot and met Mr. N. Down a path we went, but, again, something wasn’t right. We popped into a nearby building; got directions and headed off to find the lilies. Camas LilyBut first a trip around the lake. Mom told me it was formed, along with the Columbia Gorge, during the Missoula Floods. I guess that’s good ’cause I was already hot.

We trudged along. Up a hill. Down a hill. Up another. We sure were doing a lot of lookin’ for those lilies!

Sage: What’s up, Mom?

Mom: We sorta went the wrong way…I know they’re just over this hill.

And voilà! There they were. A whole field of them! Did you know their bulbs were considered very valuable by Native Americans? They ground them up and used them as a sweetener during special occasions. 

A field of liliesAll I cared about was my tongue was still hanging out. But never fear. Water was near.

Of course, we HAD to see a waterfall. After all, what’s a hike in the Gorge or even the edge of the Gorge without a waterfall or two? Pothole Waterfall

 There were more in the park, but would we get lost again?

We headed down a narrow trail that promised another waterfall ahead. Down a trail

We started going down and down. The trail got even narrower. Mr. N was ahead and I wanted to be up there with him.

Sage: Come on, Mom. Get the lead out! 

Mom: Slow down, Sage! This path is steep, rocky and full of roots. And you’re on a leash and weigh 42 pounds.

Sage: Mom, why are you on your butt?

We did reach the bottom without further incident and there it was! (You sorta have to look through the trees).Lower Falls

Another short hike back up a hill took us back to the lake, the parking lot and our car. It was one of the bestest adventures yet, even if we did get lost a few times….

Reed Canyon

Just 3 blocks from our house is a wonderful wetland called Reed Canyon, a part of the Reed College property. This was our adventure for today! The sign says it’s a Wildlife Habitat, but do they know there are coyotes living there? They come wandering around our neighborhood. Good thing our kittehs stay indoors! I don’t think I want to meet one of them, but I *tried* to roll in some of their scat. Mom said it was a good thing I was on a leash….

Of course, I have to do some sniffing wherever there were posies. I try to see if they smell as nice as Mom’s.

The path was muddy in places, but we didn’t care! Well, I didn’t, anyhow. Toby didn’t either. So, that leaves Mom…. We had to jump over fallen down trees and ford a really bad section. I’d call it that because Mom had to walk on some cut up tree limbs to get through. I wish we had a picture of that! It was funny!!

PS: The lighting was weird here, so everything looks a bit funny–even my Toby!

This is Reed Lake. It suppose to be the oldest naturally occurring lake in Portland. We saw some ducks and heard a fish jump. There’s supposed to be beaver living here, but we didn’t see any. Salmon have even been seen coming up the fish ladders to spawn!

I looked. And looked, but no salmon. Toby was looking for a treat…..

I was really tempted to jump in that water, but Mom said the sign said no swimming. I guess that means me…..We found this neat game table made of an old log. I was hoping some Reedie would come by and play a game of chess with me!

No such luck, so I guess we’ll go see what’s going on at the Saturday Blog Hop!

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