May I Help You?

I thought I’d interview for a job opening at the pet store. I think they need a greeter and food tester. I think I’d really be good at it!
Sage at the pet store

I just hope I don’t get fired before I even start for eating too many treats! 😏

Nouvelle Cuisine Dog Style

Nurse Sage

Nurse Sage

I arrived at Mr. N’s all prepared to nurse him back to health–he had a nasty cut on his foot, you know. But, when I got there, Mr. N said “join me for a bite to eat“. What happened to the foot??? Oh, it’s better, Mr. N said.

So, never one to turn down food, I made my way to the table. We both sat down.At the table

The waitstaff brought out a plate with little tiny mounds of chicken, tuna, shrimp and salmon. Plate of food

I guess that’s what Nouvelle Cuisine means–some kind of fancy stuff on a plate.WaitingWe waited for a bit–chit chatting about this and that. Then I heard the word (‘OK’) and we dug in.Sampling the foodIn a flash, it was gone!emply plateA walk was next on the agenda. After all, we had to work off all that food!!
At the food carts

And Mr. N didn’t have to experience my extraordinary nursing skills ;).

WW: Shoppin’ Vignettes

 Nothing like a mani/pedi to get ready for a shoppin’ trip! A girl needs a little pampering now and then, don’tcha think?

Um,, Mom. This is nice, but there’s no treats here…

I think he likes me! >3

On to the next store and what happens???  I got a big monkey hug!  I think he likes me….

💘 😍

This dog doesn’t smell right. I think he’s stuffed…

I bow to the almighty stuffed dog in the cage--JUST DON'T PUT ME IN THERE!!

Thank goodness for that–I think there’s a treat under this cage.

At the end of the day, I wanted to give back to all the great workers in the stores we visited. So, I offered my services.

Can I help you?

May I help you?

Beach Critters

The weather was yucky last week and I’ve done my very best to drive Mom, Dad and the kitties NUTS. And Mom was downstairs sewing and not paying attention to me (or you). The nerve…right?

Chasing SQs was some of the best entertainment to be had…

Get it?

pretty boring, huh?

 In between harassing Mystic

and looking all googly-eyed at Mom (walk? I need a walk NOW), I reflected on some recent beach trips and all the critters (or what’s left of them) I find on the beach. You know a Renaissance Dog is well-versed in various sciences, so today I wanted to introduce you to Invertebratology (or whatever it’s called). Invertebrates are all pretty spineless critters, at least that’s what I think.Invertebrate collageAnd we’ve seen all of these just lying around waiting for me to sniff (or have a little game of sand dollar frisbee). But spineless or not, I think the best are the crab pieces. Sage and the crabThey smell…well…just plain good. And easy to roll on or chew. Whatever tickles your fancy.  

See? Being a Renaissance Dog isn’t hard at all! We all know those spineless critters–worms and slugs count, you know.

Stay tuned for the next chapter….


I was lounging around reading blogs and stuff, when I tried on some glasses that were next to the bed. I noticed they were a bit off.Do they fit?


These glasses are all wonky.

So, off we went to the eyeglass store. It was within walking distance so I chalked up another walk for the day. 🙂At the glasses storeWhen we got to the store, I took one look. What to do…what to do. There were so many styles.

Then we had a word or two with the eye doctor and he said dogs don’t need glasses. Um, Mom, I TOLD you it was YOU that needed to get those glasses fixed.Glasses fitting

I’m sooooo glad Mom took that huge bag of green papers with her. She now has new glasses and I don’t have to lead her home!

Sunglasses? Me?

I was lounging on the couch checking out what was going on in Blogville and, lo and behold, I saw it was Sunglasses Day, hosted by the fabulous Ranger and Frankie!

Sunglasses ©

 Looking out the window, I knew I was going to have a problem–no sunshine. What to do? What to do? You know how prim and proper I am. 🙂 How can one wear sunglasses when there’s no sun?

 I went outside and thought and thought. And finally decided:

What the heck? Do it anyway.

And, I did.

Aren’t I just too cute for words?


As I sit in my Condo,

staring out at the rain,

Thoughts started running through my head.

What would that be?

You say.

No, not the ubiquitous squirrel, but that would be a good guess!

My thoughts were much deeper than that.

DreamingImportant stuff…like: How far is it to China?

Or: Do you have to have a bath if you dream about digging in the mud?



With the pitter-patter of rain on the window,

my dreams continuedDreaming of mudWith hopes they soon become self-fulfilling.

I hope your dreams are as good!!

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