‘Tis Award Season!

This is our Poppy on Christmas Day!

We were so excited to find out we were nominated for another Liebster Award and it was from our new friends at Bumpy Road to Bubba–Bella, Bear and their Mummy, who has a Poppy in her life too! Thank you, thank you!




It will be fun watching her Poppy grow as Mom and I watch ours. Skype is a wonderful thing when our Poppy lives 638 miles away (but who’s counting?). Mom and Dad will be there soon, but I’m staying home :( sad. At least I don’t have to go to puppy prison this time!
Mom says we can defer to the ones we passed it on to before. She thought that was being economical–I thought she was being lazy.

Then, I realized we didn’t thank all the chessies at Misty Shores Chesapeakes for thinking of us too! We received the Kreative Blogger Award from them. I think I had too many sugar plums dancing in my head!

I’m suppose to tell you 10 things you don’t know about me. Egads, what can that be?

  1. I bark at the mailman
  2. I get bored sometimes and dig holes—Mom says I’m supposed to be more grown up. Doesn’t she know how much fun it is when that dirt just FLIES???
  3. Toby’s my BFF, but I get jealous if Mom pets him too much, so I butt in so her hand is on me instead.
  4. I loooooooove my agility lessons!
  5. I found all my Christmas presents and took them off the tree. (oops, Mom, I didn’t mean to tell you)
  6. I’m really good when I’m left home alone.
  7. I know how to pull the covers down on the bed! I like to help Mom that way.
  8. The kittehs like me now! At least, most of the time……
  9. I sometimes run out the front door–the last time Mom just went inside and shut the door on me—I came back, looked at her and thought “WHAT?” She’s no fun—not at all. So, I just came home.
  10. I LOVE balls and water and M U D. Gooey, glorious mud. But, you knew that, right?

Oh, and I found some color and splashed it all over my words! Pretty slick, huh?

Now I have to do the hard part–pass this to 6 of you wonderful bloggers out there. How can I do that? You are all wonderful and Kreative and so much fun. OK, here goes.

Beans 4 Biscuits is a fun new blog (for us) all about Sugar and Butter. Or should it be Butter and Sugar? Either way, we love their cuteness!

An English Shepherd They know how to do flyball and do it well!

Life with Desmond This is all about Desmond David Jones Forge, a greyhound-pit bull mix (with some other stuff thrown in) who is learning to live in his furever home.

Ryker Rules Ryker rules Alaska, that’s for sure. We love his energy (like mine) and all that snow! 

Nero’s Post and Patch Teje is one of the most creative people I’ve met! If you love quilting, knitting, sewing, and three wonderful dogs (and one cat), check them out.

Whisker Messages from a Church Cat Father Tom, a maine coon, can be found in his roman flea collar writing from another Portland way across the country. He has his own book out–I wonder if he could write one about me?

I can go on and on and on, but Dad just fixed my dinner……

See you soon!!