My Thankful Day

I have a lot to be thankful for today–let me tell you why.

You know I get really hot with all that running and stuff and there’s almost always a mud puddle to cool off in.A mud bath

Or a river to swim inThe cleanup in the riverA ball meant to land in my mouthball catchingOceans to exploreAt the OceanMountains to be climbedHere I come!My friends

And most of all


I’m now 5-years old…Mom says it means I’m supposed to be all grown up. Frankly, I think that’s a bit over-rated.

We celebrated with a fun, fun trip to the coast with Mr. N, who gave me a Tuffy Mega Bone with not one, not two but 10 layers of indestructible material. I looooved it. And it’s still in one piece. 😀 Sage with new toyMore about this trip later, so stay tuned!!



Today, being my birthday and all, I’m going to tell you why I’m thankful I’ve made it to 4 years old. And besides, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so what better time than now?

  • Mom–boy, am I ever thankful she is my Mom. She’s put up with a lot over the past 4 years and I can come up with some doozies. Like the time I ate some marijuana and ended up in ICU overnight. Or the voles I dug up out at 1000 acres. Or all the mud I seem to find sticking to my furs (I’m REALLY thankful for that warm water hose-off I now get). Muddiest SageThere are some really good things I do too, like snuggles and kisses and lots and lots of walks. I have to keep Mom in shape, you know–it’s especially important in her advanced years.
  • Dad-he’s my go-to guy. If I need a tummy rub–he’s there. If I need anything requiring an opposable thumb–he’s there. If I want to lay in bed way after Mom gets up–he’s there. Dad is my rock.
  • My Friends–I luv, luv, luv all my human friends. You take me places when Mom disappears for days and days. And you play ball with me and give me some of the nummiest treats ever! You know who you are–here’s a big smoochie on your nose 😀  (Dad taught me that and I do it well).
  • I don’t necessarily like every dog there is out there any more, but I guess that’s OK. BUT, I have a few doggie furiends that I often go play with.
Game of stick

A rousing game of stick

They’re comfortable–like a warm blankie or a nice smelly antler. And I get really excited when we all pile into a car together and take off for an adventure.

    • And then there’s you–all of you out in Blogville. What would I do without you? You laugh at my silly pictures and are in awe of all the mud I find–I have a knack, you know.
    • It wouldn’t be complete without my kittehs. Yes, I heckle them. I want to herd them. I keep telling them I’m still a youngster, sowing my wild oats (I guess girl dogs sow oats).

      Has she gone yet?

      Has she gone yet?

They’ve accepted me and that’s all right. I’ll even share my bed with them! See?

So, here I am. Birthday Sage4 years old.

Where I Went

A lot of you guessed it. Our destination was

…ta da…

the beach!

My pack, Toby II, Heidi, Macy and me, of course, all piled into our neighbor’s K-9 Taxi and off we went. The weather was perfect–overcast and in the mid-to-upper 60’s. And after a two-hour trip in the K-9 Taxi, I was ready to run…it’s so nice this beach is HUGE. I could stretch my legs and go full speed! Macy just saw a streak go by (I saw her shaking her head in wonder 🙂 )

I also like to cavort in the surf

You never know what you’ll find. Me? All I found was a crab leg…

I decided to dig a bit in the sand, and Toby and Heidi thought they’d ‘help’. Actually, I think they just wanted to play ‘bury Sage in the sand’.

So, I challenged Heidi to a race©©

She’s pretty spry for a Saint! But, NO ONE can catch me!

On the way home, I did something I NEVER do. I crawled up into the front seat (no, Mom wasn’t driving) and let Mom and her friend know how happy I was to have such a perfect day. Then I crawled back with my pack and went to sleep.

Patterns in the Sand

On a recent trip to the beach with my pals, Toby, Heidi and Macy, we noticed the tide was really out–further than we’ve ever seen it.

Sage ©

But since we don’t live at the beach and only visit occasionally, that doesn’t mean much. It did mean, however, that there was more beach to run on. And run we did!

There were several other dogs on the beach that day and they joined in the fun.

Further down the beach, we noticed some interesting patterns in the sand,

something we don’t usually see when we go to the beach. Called wave-formed ripple marks, they are caused by the “right kind of winds, waves and currents”. And, interestingly, there were two distinct variations of ripple marks. Not only did we have pretty patterns to look at, the sand was hard, making it easier to run.

All good things have to come to an end, so we all piled into my friend’s dogmobile for the trip home.
© sagechronicles.wordpress.comWe were a bunch of tired pooches!

Trillium Lake

The big dogs–Toby & Heidi

The day started out perfectly–the sun was shining and we were going for a hike. Mom took me to our friend’s house and we got in the car with her 3 dogs (Toby II, Macy & Heidi). Somehow, we all fit!

I squeezed between Macy & Toby (They were my very first friends when I was a pup!)


You’ve met them before.


They’re my pack.




Heidi doesn’t scare me anymore. She’s just a big goof of a St. Bernard. We arrived at Trillium Lake and all piled out of the car…ready for our adventure! There are 12 glaciers on Mount Hood…you can see several here.  There sure isn’t much snow! In fact, Mount Hood has lost more than a third of its ice since first measurements in the early 20th century.

There’s a nice path around the lake, so we took off! I found several stumps.

That was a BIG tree

The sun was shining through the trees.There were walkways over areas that probably are pretty wet. It’s been really dry here in the Pacific Northwest, so there was no extra water anywhere! (It started raining today, so all that changes!)This is my new buddy, Heidi. We have a good time together!

We stopped for lunch here and I got my furs wet.I think this is where I found the marijuana.

Mom thought it was some kind of animal skat…you can sure tell she knows nothing about drugs! 🙂 I guess it’s a good thing I ‘drop’ when she says ‘leave it’. Even so, I had to sneak a bite. Let me tell you, it was even tastier than skat. 😦  I’m all better now and ready for my next adventure! (Yeah, right, Sage. You’d better not do this again!!)

I’ll leave you with some more views of Trillium Lake.

Making Rainbows

My BFF Toby II and I were playing in the Sandy River and he decided to take my stick! MY STICK. What’s up with that, Toby?

OK, if that’s what you want, let’s play a game of tug!



Meanwhile, Toby’s sister, Macy, watched on the shore. Who was she cheering for, I ask?

You know, this is important, so listen up

Loyalties to your pack can be important

and Macy’s smart…

she said she was staying out of this one.

Geez, what’s a girl supposed to do?



(I know..change the focus)

Make rainbows!!

The first one was kinda puny.

But, perfecting the art is what it’s all about, right?I decided

Making rainbows is fun!

Have you made any rainbows lately?

Monday Mischief: The Dog Catcher

I was full of mischief today. First I went over to my friends Toby and Macy’s house and found a bone on the floor. I forgot to ask Macy whether I could chew it or not, but she pretty much tolerates everything I do to her. She doesn’t let other dogs do the stuff I do to her (sometimes I can be a brat), but she’s known me since I was a tiny puppy.

We swapped bones after a while…she’s a really good friend!

Then we went to Mt. Tabor to the dog park.

Mom didn’t take a ball…she said I had to interact with other dogs for a change. I thought maybe doing a ball dance would work, but then I saw a squirrel and decided to chase it.

Up and outside the unfenced part of the dog park.

I came back…I always know where Mom is…but someone thought I was lost.

She told Mom there was a dog catcher up there. Mom said she didn’t think I’d like solitary confinement.

That was a lot of mischief for one day. Even if I didn’t find a mud-puddle!