Mr. Snowman

Mom! Quick! Come look. Mr. Snowman fell over on his tummy. Mr. SnowmanI think he’s laughing at me.

Why ever would you think that, Sage?

Well, he did trick me into opening a pressie the other day.

Maybe you’re just feeling bad because you listened to him. I think the wind blew him down. So, let’s show him how good you are and we’ll help him up.

Good idea, Mom. I like being good to others.

Ohhhhhhhh! Look what Mr. Snowman did now! He’s turning white.Snow on Mr. SnowmanMr. Snowman brought you a little snow, Sage! 

SNOW? I’ve only heard about it before. Thank you, Mr. Snowman!Sage in the 'snow'

See what a little act of kindness does?

Um, Mom? Is that the kitteh that teases me over there?