Monday Mischief: The Dog Catcher

I was full of mischief today. First I went over to my friends Toby and Macy’s house and found a bone on the floor. I forgot to ask Macy whether I could chew it or not, but she pretty much tolerates everything I do to her. She doesn’t let other dogs do the stuff I do to her (sometimes I can be a brat), but she’s known me since I was a tiny puppy.

We swapped bones after a while…she’s a really good friend!

Then we went to Mt. Tabor to the dog park.

Mom didn’t take a ball…she said I had to interact with other dogs for a change. I thought maybe doing a ball dance would work, but then I saw a squirrel and decided to chase it.

Up and outside the unfenced part of the dog park.

I came back…I always know where Mom is…but someone thought I was lost.

She told Mom there was a dog catcher up there. Mom said she didn’t think I’d like solitary confinement.

That was a lot of mischief for one day. Even if I didn’t find a mud-puddle!

Life is Good!

I know, I haven’t been here for AGES. That’s a long time, especially in dog years. Mom went to see little Poppywho is now standing (she’s 7 1/2 months old) and crawling all over the place. She has a while before she can keep up with me though. We’ll see when she comes to visit in a couple of months!

But I had fun while Mom was gone. Dad took me for lots of walks (YAY, DAD!!) and my hu-brother came down and took me to a park to play ball. He’s the GREATEST!! And, then, while Dad & I were on another trip in the car, Mom was there. She was just there. At the car. I couldn’t stop kissing her….I was soooooo happy!! (She said my butt was about to come off from wiggling…well, what are you gonna do?)

Today, we went to a dog event at Fido’s that benefited the Oregon Humane Society. That’s pretty special for me, because that’s where Mom and Dad rescued me. After we signed upI thought I’d check out the place. I was really excited to see my trainer there! We go to his place whenever Mom and Dad think I need some more training. Right now, I’m working on getting my Canine Good Citizen Award, so it’s Sit…Down…Stay. Blah, blah, blah. But, today, all I got was lots of love. I guess that’s the way it’s suppose to be. Right?

I saw a nice person who had a comfy bed and she started putting her hands all over me. Boy, it felt goooood.

I guess it’s what you hu-mans call a massage. Works for me! I’m all for it.

There was something called Cinco de Mayo going on and the owner was wearing a funny hat. I’m just glad she didn’t put it on me! But she’s one of my bestest hu-man friends, so maybe I’d let her. For a second….


Then, off we went again!









Mom said something about “ball”, so I knew it was going to be fun! But, I had to chomp on some grass before heading out on the trail. Something about those greens that just taste good.

And then……PLAY BALL!I’m glad I’m back….

Me and My Ball

There are two things I’m totally obsessed about–water and a ball. You ALL know about my water obsession. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have a pool in our back yard!! And, mud is just water and dirt–but I bet you knew that.

I haven’t talked much about my ball obsession, but when I go to my favorite indoor dog park–Fido’s–that’s what I do most of the time. If one of my friends are there and I’m in the mood, we wrestle and run, but generally it ends up with ball. Mom even went on strike, but I know how to look at her just right. 🙂

The other day, we went to Mt. Tabor dog park. The last time, I ended up really muddy and didn’t do great about staying inside the dog park, so Mom went prepared this time. Two balls and the plan to leash me up while we went over the area where the mud-puddle prevails. Those balls were GREAT! We had fun–Mom threw. I brought it back.

We sorta got near some mud here and you remember I said Mom leashed me up over the place where the big mud-puddle was? It worked the first time around, but she must think I’m some kind of dumb dog. On our second loop and the minute we were past that area and she let me off my leash, well, Kaly (one of my BFF) and I made a bee-line for the mud-puddle. We wallowed, we wrestled, I laid down in it, then we wallowed and wrestled some more. I kinda heard Mom saying something, but we were having too much fun.

Mom, the lousy photographer that she can be sometimes, took a bad movie of Kaly and I racing and playing after we got the message to “GET OUT OF THAT MUD-PUDDLE”. About half-way through this “lousy” movie, you can see the glory of all the mud on my body!

I KNOW what happens next, but this time Mom fooled me. There was a hose near the gate to the dog park and she washed me off! Can you believe that? She told me she was going to take Hawk’s advise and tie me to the back of the car otherwise. Then she took a towel to me when we did get back to the car. She said there was no way I was getting in her car until most of that mud was gone. Geez. She’s no fun….

Actually, I have a really nice Mom. She knows how much I love water and thinks dogs should be dogs sometimes. And Kelpies LOVE water–I guess it’s in my blood. So, what’s a little clean-up? I’m getting used to it…..

I’m ready for a Blog Hop after all that. How about you?

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