A Hard Day at Play

I was giving Mom the ol’ stink eye–she knows what happens when I don’t get some serious exercise–so we took off in the Sagemobile. I guess there’s NO WAY I can ride in the new car when we go play. Something about me and dirt. I really don’t know what she’s talking about…

There weren’t many at the dog park…it was pretty muddy from all the rain we’ve had. But I did meet a few fellow diehards.

meeting a new friend

Hi, there! I’d play chase with you, but I’ve got “ball-on-the-brain’ disease. Mom says I’m obsessed…whatever that means.

I’m ready, Mom. Pitch it to me!Waiting for the ballAgain and again. Mom throws. I catch.A catch!Even though it’s only about 45 F (7 C), I work up a sweat pretty quickly. And you know what that means. I NEED WATER!

Thank goodness for mud holes.

Sage in the mud hole

Mom, why are you saying “Oh, Sage“? And why is that woman laughing over there?