Sorta WW: Wind & Mud Equal…?

Somehow, I, a working dog, find prey very interesting–especially these elusive field mice that are all over the place at 1000 Acres. Even with the wind blowing my tail feathers backwards, I’m able to get my snotter far into a tunnel. But, it’s very hard work so
Digging in the wind

Guess what?!?!?Into the mudMud is never far away this time of year and I cool down!! (Note the wind is still blowing really hard–it helps dry the mud on my furs)

The creature from the mud lagoon....

Pretending I’m the creature from the black mud lagoon….

And all that leads to what wind and mud equal

^Hosing offDid you notice the faucet? I now get a warm hose off! Even in freezing weather.

Thanks, Mom. ūüôā

A Mud Bath-Revisited

Today, Pamela, over at Something Wagging¬†dedicated her post to the benefits of mud. Yes, I said M..U..D! ¬†There are some major benefits…¬†I knew it, I knew it!!

So, I thought back to when I told you what I thought about mud (that was waaaaaay back in January 2011, when Toby was still with us) and decided to re-play that post for you.




They say a mud bath is good for you. It has healing properties and said to be a beauty treatment that revitalizes the skin; gets rid of toxins; exfoliates and nourishes–whatever. I think mud is just plain good–good to eat and good to lay in. It’s suppose to be warm, or maybe hot–that’s what hu-mans think. They don’t know the beneficial factors of COLD mud. Yes, C-O-L-D COLD mud. It’s invigorating.

Who knows how cold that mud was. I don’t have a thermo-meter with me. Mom said it was COLD! 35 degrees COLD, well, not the mud puddle–it was probably colder. Hu-mans are such wimps (except those Polar Bear crazies). They just don’t know good MUD!!

I bet you can’t guess how much dirt was in the tub when I got a bath? Mom wouldn’t even do it in her tub–she took me to this place where they washed dogs. And I scored with a ton of treats!!

Mother’s Day

I was dreaming about a hike to my special place…1000 Acres, of course…and who should show up this morning but Mom’s son and daughter-in-law. They said: “let’s go to 1000 Acres“. This is a special day for Moms, and my Mom is pretty special, so I think taking her to 1000 Acres was perfect!

Off we went

The day was perfect…warm and sunny. Not too hot. A day for Mom. Except…..

I found a mud puddleAnd got a bit muddy.

I CAN’T HELP IT, MOM. There’s just something about mud that draws me.But the river isn’t far. I’ll get cleaned off. Honest.


I’m clean. AND, I don’t stink.


And I got you a pretty flower.

And this is just for youHappy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the Moms out there.

And my real Mom…where ever you are…

Thanks for being my first Mom and bringing me into this world. Because of you, I now have a wonderful life.

Not So Muddy Monday

As weekends go, this one wasn’t too bad! Did I ever tell you Mom won’t give me a stuffie? I guess it’s because I destroyed all the ones they gave me when I was a puppy. And then I ate the end of one of Maggie’s favorite toys (we called it T-Bone, but it didn’t taste like one) and had I to go to the emergency vet. So, I was really surprised when Mom brought home Racoon!
It’s a stuffless stuffie, whatever that means. I don’t care WHAT they call it, it’s almost as good as a ball. Now, you need to notice I said “almost”. But, it’s been 24 hours and my new non-stuffie is still intact! Pretty good, huh?

We’ve had some pretty nice weather here in the Pacific Northwest, and Sunday was no exception. I thought that called for a trip to my favorite mud-hole place in the whole world–1000 Acres. (Oh, right.¬† What else is new?) But this time my very first BFFs in the whole world went too (that would be Toby II and Macy)! I was SOOOOOO excited. We raced and raced and, then, there it was…my favorite mud hole.

I hope you notice there’s not much water. Geez, what’s a dog to do?


I rolled in the grass and dirt just to see if I could add a bit more…what’s with this drying up mud business? Do I need to learn how to do a rain dance? I think I have a spot of mud on my nose.

Can’t have that–a girl has to keep up her appearances. At least that’s what I think! A trip to the nearby pond got most of the mud off, so on we went!

My buddy Toby II is out there waiting for me. I heard him say: “Get a move on, Sage! Let’s run.” Darn, that ball was just too interesting. Sorry, Toby II–catch you on the bounce!

Hope you had a good weekend. I sure did!

Muddy Monday – A Pot of Gold

You don’t see rainbows in Portland very often, especially such a full, double one. But the other day, there it was! And I heard there’s suppose to be a pot of gold at the end of it. That started me thinking…what if there’s a pot of M. U. D. at the end of it? That’s almost like gold. At least that’s what I think. I convinced Mom to go to 1000 Acres. I think she was feeling a little guilty for leaving me home while she and Dad went to San Francisco. And I wanted to take full advantage of the situation, right? Besides, what if there WAS a pot of gold (er, mud)?

We did a lot of walking and found a tree that was blown down in a recent wind. Sometimes those winds can be pretty fierce coming off the Columbia Gorge. I was just glad I wasn’t under it!

On we went.

And, there it was.

My favorite mud-hole!

See, I knew that rainbow meant something.

Mom *thinks* she’ll be saved from giving me a bath with a swim or so in one of the icy ponds. I found a really great stick that I encouraged her to throw in for me. She’s pretty good that way.

The shake off was gratifying–it got most of the dirt off me. Of course, I made sure Mom got her share. Good thing she’s a good sport!And, guess what? I found some more puddles!We don’t always go on this trail, but something was drawing me.I realized you just have to follow your rainbow! Thank you, Rainbow.

Muddy Monday

Yes, it happened. I found mud. Glorious mud. I bet you were worried. Me? Not so much. There were several mud puddles out at 1000 Acres. I did have to do a little work, though. It was full of this ice stuff.
I made short work of that!
I’ve taken lessons on forging through the ice–sorta like an ice-breaker.
There is no way I won’t, at least, try for some mud.


Like the snow, it was pretty puny…..

Muddy Monday

I TOLD you I’d be back with a Muddy Monday, and, here it is! Not my finest (check this one out–my benchmark for best mudding), but up there. There has to be a mud puddle and it has to be when we first get to 1000 Acres. Seriously, I’m to pooped after Mom runs me to DEATH and I swim and swim (she says to get that mud off, but really…….). Here I go…There’s the initial lay downthe head dunkand the finale’All good things must come to an end, but there’s a trail ahead.

Off to the river everyone!!

The mud was gone and I SCORED–no bath. Can you believe it?

(Mom says the Sandy was really clean and took all my mud away–I think she’s just sneaky)

Muddy Monday

Not quite the traditional mud-dippin’ body-coatin’ Monday I usually deliver, but I didn’t want to disappoint any of my Muddy Monday fans! We went back to the woods yesterday.

The ferns were everywhere! This whole hill was covered with them!And I bet you can’t guess what we found? Noooooo, not my traditional mud puddle. A creek!With a big pool waiting just for us! We looked like whirling dervishes!! But if you really want to see us in action and get full effects of muddy water play–watch our movie!

Fun in the Sun!

We went to 1000 Acres yesterday–FINALLY. I didn’t think I was ever going back out there. Mom kept saying it was too flooded. I think she was just being lazy. She has her Slogger boots now, so what’s the big deal?

I guess it was a bit wet–this part of the park is always dry (except for a mud-puddle or two). Now it was all under water, probably all the way back to the Columbia.But there are actually 1400 acres out here. There HAD to be someplace dry…

And, we found it! Caly and I raced and raced and raced. OMD, it felt good–I couldn’t stop running.

I stopped for a minute to see some horses going by. I could tell Mom was watching me, but I really wasn’t interested and they didn’t look like they wanted to play. So I went back to Mom–it was treat time!There was a hawk circling overhead–I wonder what it was hunting? Mom said it wasn’t the horses–I think she was being silly again. There’s always little garter snakes and mice out here. We even found a few! Here hawk–come get it!!We always go to one of the ponds that are full from winter rains. (This wasn’t part of the flooded area, by the way.) I get to work on my swimming here. See–1000 acres is a full-exercise park. OK, I’m waiting–throw that kong, will ya?A lab and I had a race to see who would get it. He was bigger, but I swam really hard! He wanted to claim part of the victory, so I let him share in bringing it back.We went back to the flooded area and I had the kong all to myself, well, sorta. Even my friend Caly swam out to get it! She’s never swum before.I’ll leave you today with a view of Mt. Hood in all its majesty. But check back tomorrow for another installation of Muddy Monday! I can guarantee you it was the absolute worst yet!!Pee Ess: I was tired…………..