And Then There Was MUD

I know many of you have missed my skin-toning, invigorating and often stinky mud photos. I had to get in a last (probably) one while they’re still around. This one was particularly fine….

Lovin' it!

Lovin’ it!


As I sit in my Condo,

staring out at the rain,

Thoughts started running through my head.

What would that be?

You say.

No, not the ubiquitous squirrel, but that would be a good guess!

My thoughts were much deeper than that.

DreamingImportant stuff…like: How far is it to China?

Or: Do you have to have a bath if you dream about digging in the mud?



With the pitter-patter of rain on the window,

my dreams continuedDreaming of mudWith hopes they soon become self-fulfilling.

I hope your dreams are as good!!

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Dreams DO Come True

As I wished upon Mom’s pillowMakes no difference who I am
I know I desired to run and play.I knew my heart was in my dream
Of balls, a steak and mud galore
So when I wished upon that pillow
(As dreamers tend to do)

Like a bolt out of the blue
The sun came out and I KNEW
My dreams really do come true!

Muddy Monday

I haven’t done Muddy Monday for a while and, boy, have I been going through withdrawal. I think some of my blog pals have too, so I decided to rectify that! (Psssst, Mom told me that big word. Funny sounding isn’t it?) We went to the Sandy River (out there at 1000 Acres, you know) and the river forgot some of its water. I found this little mud-hole created by a sand bar right next to the river. It was full of mud and gloriously stinky. Of course I made a beeline for it. I don’t know why Mom was shaking her head–maybe a bee got too close….I didn’t stay long, because I think swimming is my favoritest thing to do in the whole world. Well, next to ball. BUT, put them both together and what do you get? ME! (And Sophie–she likes balls & swimming & stuff, just like me)! It’s too bad she’s a whole zillion miles away. Mom’s been taking me a LOT here lately–I sure like summer!

OH, I almost forgot to show you my ball dance. Mom made a silly movie and she messed up near the end and blurred me all up. But I told her it’s all right. She got my dance moves, so that’s all that counts. At least that’s what I say!


Muddy Monday

When I find mud this glorious, I know it’s going to be a good day. I started with a good belly dip and shake off.Moving to a slight side-to-side roll.

Culminating in a full-body, smack down in the mud, roll. I even made sure my head was fully covered! Even Caly was in awe this time! Mom was shaking her head–I wonder what was her problem? She said I looked like I had shaved all my hair except for a mohawk down the middle of my back. WHAT? I missed a spot? I have a strategy, in case you haven’t figured it out. First, you coat your body with glorious mud, then you find a pond! But not before a few rolls in the grass. I wonder if I could get a patent on the process? I could talk to Dad–he was a Patent Attorney before he retired. Belly rubs, please? Mommmmm, why won’t you give me a belly rub? You do it other times…..

Pee Ess: Dad laughed so hard about my patent idea that I even let him hose me down when we got home.  😦   I thought it was a pretty good idea, don’t you? What does he know?

Water, Water, Water–Oh, That’s Right…It’s MUD!

We’ve had the 5th rainiest March EVER in Portland, so I told Mom that 1000 Acres would be tops in mud-puddling. I think she felt sorry for me because I had to go to the V-E-T yesterday, but, secretly, deep in my heart, I knew she thought I deserved a day in the mud. Really! And it was a glorious day! The sun was shining and it was in the mid-60s. Mom was even in her shirt sleeves! My BFF Kaly and I did some exploring. Things were starting to green up–munching grass is mighty fine right now. Tender and sweet….

See that? Blue sky!!

There were lots of dogs out there today. We love meeting new friends!

And, of course, there’s always the mud….

I’m sooooo glad Kaly likes water almost as much as I do.

But, that’s not all! This adventure is not over! We’ll be back with more…wet…fun photos of our water play, so be sure to check back! I’m off to see what all my friends are doing in blog-land. See you there!!

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The Dog Chute

I heard Mom say we were going to the dog shoot next. I didn’t know what to think? Was she going to shoot ME? I’m focusing, Mom, I’m focusing!! I promise I’ll do better. Just say “COME” and I’ll be there. I will…

But, we got there and, pshewwwwww, I found out there was another word that sounded like shoot. It was a dog CHUTE. We stood on the edge and checked it out. Pretty much straight down but that’s OK. We are fearless, Kaly and me! But, first, we had to wrestled a bit, then,

down we went! There were a bunch of other dogs playing there too. We had a dog party!!

Up and down we went! I thought I was pretty agile! Do you think this counts for my agility training?

By the way, this is the chute. I was shooting right up it. I wonder if that’s what Mom meant????

We finally had to leave. Mom said it was going to rain and we’d get wet. Wet? Is she nuts? I’m already soaked! But on the way back, Kaly & I had to make a detour down into an inlet of the Columbia.

I washed off some of that mud, but Mom said I STUNK and smelled like seaweed. I thought it was rather a pleasant odor, but a bath was worth it. Pretty good adventure, wasn’t it?

PS: It hailed when we got back to the car. Silly weather…….

Check out the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! I don’t think I was very “wordless” today. 😦

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Muddy Monday

Wow! We had fun, fun, fun on our weekend adventure to mud-ville. Well, I did, at least. After a little romp in the first mud-puddle I found, there has to be a roll in the dirt. Oh, right, gravel. SORRY, Mom….

We had quite a lot of rain this past week, so 1000 Acres was full of new water attractions. Kaly and I made short work of this one.

Then on to a bigger pond. I thought this fence was a nice addition! I don’t think it’s suppose to be in the water.

I was shaking up the water by now. With a stick in my mouth too! But, please note the mud in the foreground.We moved on to another new wet place. Of course, I was right in the middle of it (Please look closely at my nose). Mom just sighs and knows what’s coming. But, I’m oblivious to it all. Mud, I think, is my middle name.

Stay tuned! There’s more to this adventure to come!!

Me and My Ball

There are two things I’m totally obsessed about–water and a ball. You ALL know about my water obsession. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have a pool in our back yard!! And, mud is just water and dirt–but I bet you knew that.

I haven’t talked much about my ball obsession, but when I go to my favorite indoor dog park–Fido’s–that’s what I do most of the time. If one of my friends are there and I’m in the mood, we wrestle and run, but generally it ends up with ball. Mom even went on strike, but I know how to look at her just right. 🙂

The other day, we went to Mt. Tabor dog park. The last time, I ended up really muddy and didn’t do great about staying inside the dog park, so Mom went prepared this time. Two balls and the plan to leash me up while we went over the area where the mud-puddle prevails. Those balls were GREAT! We had fun–Mom threw. I brought it back.

We sorta got near some mud here and you remember I said Mom leashed me up over the place where the big mud-puddle was? It worked the first time around, but she must think I’m some kind of dumb dog. On our second loop and the minute we were past that area and she let me off my leash, well, Kaly (one of my BFF) and I made a bee-line for the mud-puddle. We wallowed, we wrestled, I laid down in it, then we wallowed and wrestled some more. I kinda heard Mom saying something, but we were having too much fun.

Mom, the lousy photographer that she can be sometimes, took a bad movie of Kaly and I racing and playing after we got the message to “GET OUT OF THAT MUD-PUDDLE”. About half-way through this “lousy” movie, you can see the glory of all the mud on my body!

I KNOW what happens next, but this time Mom fooled me. There was a hose near the gate to the dog park and she washed me off! Can you believe that? She told me she was going to take Hawk’s advise and tie me to the back of the car otherwise. Then she took a towel to me when we did get back to the car. She said there was no way I was getting in her car until most of that mud was gone. Geez. She’s no fun….

Actually, I have a really nice Mom. She knows how much I love water and thinks dogs should be dogs sometimes. And Kelpies LOVE water–I guess it’s in my blood. So, what’s a little clean-up? I’m getting used to it…..

I’m ready for a Blog Hop after all that. How about you?

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