A Frisbee on the Beach

We went to the coast last week…just a day trip…to a beach near Pacific City. My friends, Toby, Heidi & Macy were staying there. I was sooooo excited to see them!

‘Scuse the blurry picture. We were all about the action!

I have a pretty good nose for finding things, so I was pretty intrigued about this floppy, rubbery thing I found at 1000 Acres recently. You know I’m totally ball-obsessed  🙂 , and a Frisbee has not been my game, but this floppy, rubber one was pretty intriguing. Mom pulled it out and we practiced.

And practiced.

This was a new game & I was getting the hang of it. That’s Cape Lookout in the background–I bet there’s a lot to look at out there! Someday we’ll go there.

Meanwhile, back to the beach…

The water was C..O..L..D, but there’s nothing like it for a good cool-down. I wasn’t crazy enough to go out in those big waves though. But, let me tell you, there were some hu-mans that were! We went to Pacific City (just a hop and a skip down the road) for lunch and saw a couple of these hu-mans out in the water trying to catch a wave! Mom tried to take a picture of them, but they never would get up on their boards. Maybe they needed some lessons?

This is a haystack rock, which was formed by lava flows sometime before I was born. There are actually two of these ginormous rocks along the Oregon Coast–the other’s at Cannon Beach. Do you think this looks like a gorilla head? I do.

After lunch, we decided to go back to the beach for a long walk. I ran. Mom walked.

There were a bunch of these little bubbles on the sand…they are Sea Gooseberries, a type of jellyfish. Yep, that’s right!




And we saw some bigger jellyfish too.



On our way back to the car, we went past this tree house that went way up to the top of the tree. I bet you could see forever up there!But, there was a sign that said “No Trespassing”. Do you think that meant me? I’m really trying to stay out of mischief….