Toddler on the Go

Do you know how Mom calls her granddaughter ‘Popstar’? Well, I just found out she really is a star. 

We love kissing!

We love kissing!

Her Mom writes/edits/produces cookbooks and her latestBaby & Toddler on the Gois available for pre-order on Amazon and will be out the end of this month. Poppy was the happy tester for all the recipes and consequently eats everything her Mom makes for her. I got to sample some of it and, let me tell you, it was GOOD stuff.

If you have a few minutes, be sure to watch what made Poppy a star. She absolutely loved making this video and even threw in a few unannounced dance moves as she walks up the street!

This ‘n’ That Friday

I didn’t tell you, but Mom took off in one of those bird-things that go up in the sky and left me and Dad at home. She’ll be back soon, but Dad & I decided there’s a lot of loose ends that needed tying up before that happens. So we decided to join the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop!

Food Fight Continues

OMD, I got smashed in the face with some more of those Super Sweet Cupcakes! Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes! I’m lickin’ like mad AGAIN.

There’s stuff you’re supposed to do and I’m lazy this week (since Mom’s not here to crack the whip), so check out my Food Fight blog for all the details.

The Furnace

You know the furnace went on the fritz as soon as Mom walked out the door? Lucky her! And it’s been COLD. Well, sorta. Not freezing or anything like that. The furnace would work a little bit and then shut off. Very strange. Anyhow, Dad and Mystic were happy we had a little heater, but Thailing (my other kitty) and I both have heavier fur coats and were pretending we were Arctic explorers. It was kinda fun.

Since it’s almost Halloween, you’ll love this story! You know goblins and spiders and such somehow creep around during that time, right? Well, one of those spiders crept into the intake pipe of the furnace and built a silly web. And that web made the furnace not work right. Pretty spooky, huh? Now the furnace works right and the spider has to go find another place to build a web. I just hope it’s not close by!


Mom has been taking care of the little Popstar (who is now 13-months old) down in San Francisco while her parents went on a short vacation. Hats are the thing right now…doesn’t matter who’s it is.






And she loves to help cook. Maybe she’ll make me some cookies and Mom will bring them back!

Where’d I Go?

I bet some of you wondered. Mom was sooooooo bad. She took my computer and drove away, leaving me here all alone. Even Dad went too. But then one of my bestest human friends came over and stayed with me! We had so much fun and lots of adventures, but you’ll have to wait for that–I promise it won’t be long….

So, where did they go? (I didn’t go anywhere, but you know that already.) All the way to San Francisco for Poppy’s 1st birthday…she’s that little girl we talk to all the time on Skype and Mom goes to see every few months.


Poppy loved opening her presents–the paper and boxes were the bestest. I would think so too…I like the crinkly stuff, don’t you?




I sent her big smoochy kisses that I KNOW she loved.



Poppy had a BIG cake that her Mom decorated with poppies. I would have liked to have eaten the whole thing, but Mom says dogs can’t have chocolate. She’s smart that way.


And all of a sudden, they were home!! I was soooo excited. And, Mom brought me a present. Just for ME!! She missed me…I just know it.

It’s a really comfy raincoat made right here in Oregon. You know the rainy season is coming…for the next 9 months. And it’s purple with reflective stripes so when Mom and I go biking, I’ll be a bit safer.

Of course, I had to see how it rolled in the dry grass.

Pretty good, I’d say.

Thanks, Mom! Can I take it off now?

A Poppy Weekend

I’ve missed all of you, but I’m back!

Mom’s been doing something called “Poppy-proofing” the house so she hasn’t allowed me on her computer. For a whole week. I didn’t know what that was all about, but I was about to find out. That little baby came back to see me and since I don’t see little babies very often, I had to do a lot of sniffin’.

It’s funny how babies smell different from bigger humans. It was a good smell though, so I decided she was going to be part of my pack. And I wasn’t going to let her out of my sight…wherever Poppy went, I went too. Even when I took her to the park where I play ball. I know you probably think I’m silly for turning down some ball playing, but when Poppy went back to the car so she could have a bottle, I told Mom “that was enough…little Poppy needs me with her“. And I left. And went back to the car too. MOM! Are you coming?

We went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden yesterday. There were ducks and geese EVERYWHERE. Of course, they were all on the bank until I got there. I wonder what scared them?It was fun watching them (actually, I wanted to get in that lake with them).But, I did sneak a little belly wetting time in this pond. (Don’t tell anyone!)

Mom! There’s more ducks over there. Can I chase them? Just a little? Puleeze???

She wouldn’t let me…I don’t know what’s up with that? I thought I was a herding dog.

Sage, there are rules.

Poppy left a while ago to go home. I already miss her! But I gave her a kiss goodbye.


Even though it’s been cold and rainy and icky outside, I managed to find some mudless things to do recently. Yes, it does happen, much to my dismay 😦 . You know I’ve thought about applying for a job as a therapy dog, don’t you? Mom thought I should do a little pre-training. I’m all for that! You know us herding dogs need a job.

Mom’s friend had another knee replaced and I got to go see her again. Three times! We had to get in this box that moved. It was a little weird feeling, but I knew just what to do. (I think you humans call it a “piece of cake” except I didn’t get any cake. Not sure what happened there.)

Is this our floor?

When the door opened, I met lots of humans who petted me and then I saw my friend! She told me I could get up on her bed for some snuggles…I was really careful not to step on her knee.

There’s another hurdle I had to jump over…sorta like the jumps I do in agility…and that happened this weekend. I was snoozin’ on the couch when I heard something at the door. I love it when someone comes to visit, but this was really exciting! It was my hu-bro (who has a big birthday today), my hu-sis and her family. Remember I told you that Mom went away a couple of times because this little baby was born?

 Well, here she is. In my house! Little Poppy, who is 5 1/2 months old now. Did you know little babies wear these things they called diapers? And they’re taken off and new ones put on…all the time. Not me! No sirree. I don’t think I’d like one of those things stuck on me…give me the good ol’ outdoors any time!

I was very curious about this little hu-baby. And she was curious about Toby and me. I liked it when she gave me a pet on my nose, so I gave her a kiss. Mom wouldn’t let me get too close…she said my feet could scratch Poppy. Having visitors is fun, especially when little Poppy comes! And Mom said I was a really good girl. I like it when she says that because I get some treats.

So, I jumped over two big hurdles this week and didn’t knock the bar off (that’s agility-speak, in case you don’t know). Then I read about Snoopy and what happened during his therapy dog assessment. They threw a C A T in the room. He passed, but I have some work to do. Getting past those darn C A Ts will be a tough hurdle…

‘Tis Award Season!

This is our Poppy on Christmas Day!

We were so excited to find out we were nominated for another Liebster Award and it was from our new friends at Bumpy Road to Bubba–Bella, Bear and their Mummy, who has a Poppy in her life too! Thank you, thank you!




It will be fun watching her Poppy grow as Mom and I watch ours. Skype is a wonderful thing when our Poppy lives 638 miles away (but who’s counting?). Mom and Dad will be there soon, but I’m staying home :( sad. At least I don’t have to go to puppy prison this time!
Mom says we can defer to the ones we passed it on to before. She thought that was being economical–I thought she was being lazy.

Then, I realized we didn’t thank all the chessies at Misty Shores Chesapeakes for thinking of us too! We received the Kreative Blogger Award from them. I think I had too many sugar plums dancing in my head!

I’m suppose to tell you 10 things you don’t know about me. Egads, what can that be?

  1. I bark at the mailman
  2. I get bored sometimes and dig holes—Mom says I’m supposed to be more grown up. Doesn’t she know how much fun it is when that dirt just FLIES???
  3. Toby’s my BFF, but I get jealous if Mom pets him too much, so I butt in so her hand is on me instead.
  4. I loooooooove my agility lessons!
  5. I found all my Christmas presents and took them off the tree. (oops, Mom, I didn’t mean to tell you)
  6. I’m really good when I’m left home alone.
  7. I know how to pull the covers down on the bed! I like to help Mom that way.
  8. The kittehs like me now! At least, most of the time……
  9. I sometimes run out the front door–the last time Mom just went inside and shut the door on me—I came back, looked at her and thought “WHAT?” She’s no fun—not at all. So, I just came home.
  10. I LOVE balls and water and M U D. Gooey, glorious mud. But, you knew that, right?

Oh, and I found some color and splashed it all over my words! Pretty slick, huh?

Now I have to do the hard part–pass this to 6 of you wonderful bloggers out there. How can I do that? You are all wonderful and Kreative and so much fun. OK, here goes.

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I can go on and on and on, but Dad just fixed my dinner……

See you soon!!