Muddy Monday – A Pot of Gold

You don’t see rainbows in Portland very often, especially such a full, double one. But the other day, there it was! And I heard there’s suppose to be a pot of gold at the end of it. That started me thinking…what if there’s a pot of M. U. D. at the end of it? That’s almost like gold. At least that’s what I think. I convinced Mom to go to 1000 Acres. I think she was feeling a little guilty for leaving me home while she and Dad went to San Francisco. And I wanted to take full advantage of the situation, right? Besides, what if there WAS a pot of gold (er, mud)?

We did a lot of walking and found a tree that was blown down in a recent wind. Sometimes those winds can be pretty fierce coming off the Columbia Gorge. I was just glad I wasn’t under it!

On we went.

And, there it was.

My favorite mud-hole!

See, I knew that rainbow meant something.

Mom *thinks* she’ll be saved from giving me a bath with a swim or so in one of the icy ponds. I found a really great stick that I encouraged her to throw in for me. She’s pretty good that way.

The shake off was gratifying–it got most of the dirt off me. Of course, I made sure Mom got her share. Good thing she’s a good sport!And, guess what? I found some more puddles!We don’t always go on this trail, but something was drawing me.I realized you just have to follow your rainbow! Thank you, Rainbow.