Beach Critters

The weather was yucky last week and I’ve done my very best to drive Mom, Dad and the kitties NUTS. And Mom was downstairs sewing and not paying attention to me (or you). The nerve…right?

Chasing SQs was some of the best entertainment to be had…

Get it?

pretty boring, huh?

 In between harassing Mystic

and looking all googly-eyed at Mom (walk? I need a walk NOW), I reflected on some recent beach trips and all the critters (or what’s left of them) I find on the beach. You know a Renaissance Dog is well-versed in various sciences, so today I wanted to introduce you to Invertebratology (or whatever it’s called). Invertebrates are all pretty spineless critters, at least that’s what I think.Invertebrate collageAnd we’ve seen all of these just lying around waiting for me to sniff (or have a little game of sand dollar frisbee). But spineless or not, I think the best are the crab pieces. Sage and the crabThey smell…well…just plain good. And easy to roll on or chew. Whatever tickles your fancy.  

See? Being a Renaissance Dog isn’t hard at all! We all know those spineless critters–worms and slugs count, you know.

Stay tuned for the next chapter….

A Renaissance Dog–The Arts

About a zillion years ago, there were these humans who were deep thinkers and thought “a man can do all things if he will.” This thought considered man the centre of the universe, capability development was limitless. This led to the notion that ‘men should try to embrace all knowledge and develop their own capacities as fully as possible’. Now, that was a whole lot of words (as far as I’m concerned) and I think the canine world shouldn’t be left out of this definition.


Not at all.

So, I decided to begin a series to show that I, a dog, can be a renaissance man dog.

And if I can do it—so can you!

Today, we’ll work on the arts. I clearly appreciate ‘art’ (which means I don’t pee on it), so this statue caught my eye. Bionic DogI was impressed that so many little pieces of ‘stuff’ could be made into a dog. Could this be the proverbial bionic dog? Or is it just an artful display of metal this and that? That got me to thinking–what about all the little pixels that make up a photo? They’re a gazillion pieces of stuff too.

Take a blurry photo, for example.

Blurry sage

Can it be turned into a ‘work of art’?

That ball was just…


and within my grasp mouth.

And the picture was just…

B..A..D (Mom would say ‘crap’, but I was trying to be polite).



I thought and thought, and decided

YES, I can to it!


^Painted Sage

My work of art.