My road trip continued the next day–I had no clue where we were going, but somehow I think it’ll be fun. After a very foggy start (check my Facebook page), we stopped for another pit stop. If you look very hard through the haze, you’ll see Mt. Shasta. Mt. ShastaA bit further down the road, Mom pulled over for lunch in the little town of Williams, CA. There’s a taqueria (La Fortuna) there that is soooo good. One of those places where the clientele all know each other–off the beaten path, but they know where to go! And so did we. At La FortunaBack in the car, I snoozed and snoozed. After a bit, I smelled water. You know my nose can find it anywhere, don’t you? And then we stopped and I knew where I was — at the Popstar’s house!!walking with Poppyplaying ball

I was so happy!After playing

I think we’ll have some fun adventures here!

Note to Mom

I thought I’d be really sad when you and Dad left yesterday to go see little Popstar. But my favorite sitter in the whole world, S, came over just as you were leaving. We went out and looked for some squirrels in the back yard and when we came in, you were gone. And I wasn’t sad! S thought I was really glad to see her, but she had something I was eying–a yummy pesto mozzarella sandwich. You know, Mom, if I stand there and stare look at her really nicely, she gives me a bite!

I’m glad you sent me that picture of the deer you saw on the way to San Francisco. I’d probably stay way far away, like I do horses, but they were cool to look at.

Deer © sagechronicles.wordpress.comOh! Guess what? I got to go to 1000 Acres this morning with my pack! Shaking ©

That bit of rain we were having when you left made a mud puddle. Just for me! I shook off all over Toby, but he didn’t care. Then we headed for the pond. On the way, I found something teensy, tiny to roll in. I know S will love my eau de stink perfume…I hope she takes the time to appreciate it before I get hosed off. 🙂

I’m being very, very good for S. I only dropped the ball down the stairs once last night. I’m going to be really busy for the next few days, so I won’t be able to visit all our blog friends until you get home next week. I hope they all understand…

I’ll send you a text every day and let you know what I’m doing. Oh! And I promise I won’t run across the street after crows (like I did the last time you left). Have fun with little Popstar!

Love you Mom and Dad,


This ‘n’ That Friday

I didn’t tell you, but Mom took off in one of those bird-things that go up in the sky and left me and Dad at home. She’ll be back soon, but Dad & I decided there’s a lot of loose ends that needed tying up before that happens. So we decided to join the Follow-Up Friday Blog Hop!

Food Fight Continues

OMD, I got smashed in the face with some more of those Super Sweet Cupcakes! Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes! I’m lickin’ like mad AGAIN.

There’s stuff you’re supposed to do and I’m lazy this week (since Mom’s not here to crack the whip), so check out my Food Fight blog for all the details.

The Furnace

You know the furnace went on the fritz as soon as Mom walked out the door? Lucky her! And it’s been COLD. Well, sorta. Not freezing or anything like that. The furnace would work a little bit and then shut off. Very strange. Anyhow, Dad and Mystic were happy we had a little heater, but Thailing (my other kitty) and I both have heavier fur coats and were pretending we were Arctic explorers. It was kinda fun.

Since it’s almost Halloween, you’ll love this story! You know goblins and spiders and such somehow creep around during that time, right? Well, one of those spiders crept into the intake pipe of the furnace and built a silly web. And that web made the furnace not work right. Pretty spooky, huh? Now the furnace works right and the spider has to go find another place to build a web. I just hope it’s not close by!


Mom has been taking care of the little Popstar (who is now 13-months old) down in San Francisco while her parents went on a short vacation. Hats are the thing right now…doesn’t matter who’s it is.






And she loves to help cook. Maybe she’ll make me some cookies and Mom will bring them back!

Where’s My Mom?


You know she left me, don’t you? Left me here all alone. Well, with Dad and Toby and those darn kittehs. And all to go take care of her hu-daughter and this new little baby whose name is Penelope Frances and will be called Poppy. I don’t know too much about little hu-babies, but Mom says I’ll learn. I hope so! I suppose I SHOULD tell you she talks to me and her voice comes out of Dad’s computer. I haven’t quite figured that whole thing out–I hear her voice, but she isn’t here. Maybe she’s outside? She even took some pictures of me through MY computer (which she took with her) and Dad’s computer and over the airwaves and somewhere in outer space. Anyway, they were pretty fuzzy, but you get it, right? It’s probably that outer space stuff, don’t you think?I have to do a whole lot of thinking and my head tilts one way and then the other. She keeps telling me I’m a good girl and she misses me. Well, doesn’t she know Dad takes me for walks and plays with me? I really don’t think I like this voice that sounds like Mom coming out of that computer. It’s just too weird for me! She’d just better get home here!You hear that MOM? I haven’t even been able to keep up with all my blog furiends. I just want everyone to know I’ll be there to visit you soon!!

Gaters, Snakes, Penguins & ME

Mom & Dad went to the California Academy of Science today and took me along! Sorta like a Flat Sage. It’s a good way to travel, that’s for sure. It’s been pretty good at the *big house* my favorite home-away-from-home, but hitchin’ a ride with Mom & Dad on one of their adventures is even better! When we first got there, a bunch of stingrays were on the move. After Mom put her picture-taking machine away, we watched them having a race–one guy was stoked and was moving out ahead of all the rest–flappin’ his fin like he really knew what he was doing! Too bad Mom didn’t take that picture….We saw a lot of snakes. (For those of you not into snakes, quickly scroll below the next picture.) This one was really neat–a Reticulated Python. They grow to 25 feet long–the longest snake in the world! Pshew. I was glad it was inside its house when I went by–I’d be dead meat. What, Mom? I’m safe? That’s what YOU say……see those beady eyes? I think I need to see something a bit safer, don’t you? This is a piranha. Mom said it can eat you in a second. I don’t believe her, do you? This guy has a smirk on his face–at least I think so.I’m still working on safer, Mom. Get it? What’s up with you? Are you crazy or something? What’s this? An albino alligator? A real albino alligator named Claude who’s 16–that’s older than me! And what’s he doing with his head on top of this turtle? Oh, woe is me…..Oh, that’s right, it’s the turtle that should be saying that! pshewwwwwWhat’s next in this litany of tortures? A man-eating tiger? Come on, Mom. There has to be something here that’s not going to eat me.

What’s that? African Penguins? They’re OK? What are they looking for?  Oh, it’s ME!! I like these guys–they just eat fish…..

Hope you enjoyed the show! I’m ready to see if any one else has crazy man/dog-eating critters hangin’ around their blog. Maybe it’s just me………

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Muddy Monday

I’m off to prison my exciting new boarding facility today–remember Mom will be gone a WHOLE month? There’s this little hu-man baby arriving in San Francisco really soon now. At least that’s what they’re telling me. But, Dad will be back in a few days, so he’ll break me out of there. At least he’d better!!

But, before I leave, I couldn’t pass up another Muddy Monday. I’ve certainly had more spectacular ones, but this is the best you can get when it’s HOT and all the water is drying up and there’s nothing but dirt. Except at the river.Pee Ess: I think I might be able to sneak a few stories to you while Mom is gone and we’ll be checking in with you the whole time!  So, don’t forget me…….

A Quilt, Baby & Me

I thought I was the baby in this family, but I heard Mom and Dad talking about a new baby girl that’s coming in just a few weeks and is going to live in a place called San Francisco. That’s where my hu-sis lives (that would be Mom and Dad’s daughter) with her husband. So, Mom has been busy making a quilt for the baby’s room. She was in her sewing room a lot, which sorta took some time out from ball-playing, but that’s OK. I got to sleep some more.
Mom here: I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this and had to design one using my daughter’s color scheme.  I made 1/4 inch bias strips using a Clover bias tape maker. After ironing the strips to the background, I applique-stitched around all the pieces;and finished the quilt with some simple echo quilting around the rectangles and squares and free-motioned stars on the borders.

Gee, that was really neat, Mom, but now you got the suitcases out–maybe I can stow away in one. No? I can’t go? I guess that means I’m going to jail my favorite indoor dog park, Fido’s. I was pretty sad, but I heard things are getting even worse. When this little girl is born, Mom is leaving me for a whole month and Dad will be in charge. But Mom said we can talk on Skype! Maybe it won’t be so bad after all…..Powered by Linky Tools
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Toby here again. I’ve been thinking about the great beach trip we took on Friday and thought you’d like to see a few other things we saw at this dog park. You saw yesterday how far down we had to go to get to the beach at Fort Funston. When Luna and I saw this sign, we decided this was not a good way to go……There was a neat place in the cliff that might have been a cave. I wonder if pirates hung out here? This part of the cliff is no where’s near as high as where we came down! But we decided it was not the best place for a scramble up the rocks!!There was a memorial to greyhounds on the beach and reminded me of our many greyhound blog-buddies. Looks like they were zoomin’!!

Pretty neat, huh?

On the top, I caught a bit of shade before going back to the car.

On the way, we heard this raucous noise. Mr. Crow was talking and talking. I wondered if this was the crow that was at our house a couple of months ago? Maybe he was telling me all about his travels south. Well, I could tell him a thing or two!!

Luna and I wanted to leave you with these paw prints in the sand. We thought they were pretty special.

Day at the Beach

This is Toby here. I’m taking over for a few days while Sage is having her own adventures back in Portland. I’m here in San Francisco with my cousin Luna, and today we went to the beach at Fort Funston!See that cliff behind us? We went all the way down. For a couple of old dogs, we did pretty good, if I don’t say so myself. George the Lad would be proud of me on those steps!Luna is pretty much into the surf!Not me so much, but it was a gorgeous day! I was really happy!Is there anything better?

I have more to show you, but first we need to check out the Saturday Blog Hop!

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