The Mountain is Mine!

Or so I thought.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, let me tell you about my first real adventure in deep snow. We all piled in my friend’s car (that would be Heidi, Toby, Macy and me) and off we went to Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood

On the way, we stopped and Mom handed over some green papers for a sno-park pass. It was a good thing because tickets for LOTS of green papers were being written left and right. We finally got there and Mom and her friend put on these giant shoes and we took off up the hill. I realized pretty quickly this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. Sage in the snowEating a little snowThe snow was hard on top and all soft and squishee underneath. I tried walking on top of it, but kept falling through. Maybe digging a path would help!

What's down there?

What’s down there?





That didn’t work, so we trudged along, one step at a time. I did find out you shouldn’t step on Mom’s giant shoe.

Oops, Mom. Do you need help up?SageI did find some spots where the snow was hard enough to hold my svelte 40-pound body. My buddies didn’t fare as well…our tongues were hanging out pretty quickly!SageOn the way home, we made a quick stop at 1000 Acres. That was in case we weren’t tired enough (or something like that).

Sage doing 'little dog'

I was able to get in a little herding practice and had just enough energy left to dig a hole.

Macy & Sage

We decided the next time we go on a mountain adventure, we should go right after 3 new feet of snow fell instead of waiting until it warmed up and the snow got all hard on top (but not hard enough). At least I didn’t find any pot!




You are NEVER going to believe this—when we got home, I didn’t have to have a bath!

Snow Dance!

It’s been C..O..L..D COLD here lately, so my buddy Wyatt (he lives just a few miles south of me) thought that if we both did a snow dance it might just happen.

So, out I went.  A few of my special dance moves later–look what happened! Starting the danceIt’s workin’!

It’s workin’!

Then it stopped.

Maybe it was better out front?Sage checking out the snowNope.



Then I kicked up the beat A LOT and look what happened!Dreaming of SnowA veritable blizzard.

But only in my mind….

How was that, Wyatt? Did I do good or what?

Mr. Snowman

Mom! Quick! Come look. Mr. Snowman fell over on his tummy. Mr. SnowmanI think he’s laughing at me.

Why ever would you think that, Sage?

Well, he did trick me into opening a pressie the other day.

Maybe you’re just feeling bad because you listened to him. I think the wind blew him down. So, let’s show him how good you are and we’ll help him up.

Good idea, Mom. I like being good to others.

Ohhhhhhhh! Look what Mr. Snowman did now! He’s turning white.Snow on Mr. SnowmanMr. Snowman brought you a little snow, Sage! 

SNOW? I’ve only heard about it before. Thank you, Mr. Snowman!Sage in the 'snow'

See what a little act of kindness does?

Um, Mom? Is that the kitteh that teases me over there?


Monday Mischief: Trying to Stay Good

Yes, it’s true. There’s no mud today. Mom’s been sick and all it’s done is rain. Yesterday we had rain, sun, hail, snow, sun, rain. Today? Just a little snow. While I sat here in my condo, contemplating what to do, I saw Mr. Crow trying to find a morsel in that pot. Yep, that’s the extent of our snow. Pretty sad, huh?Then I went outside and Mr. Crow was yelling at me. I don’t think he was being very nice….I thought about working on the hole I was digging for Mom, but thought better of it. 🙂 It wasn’t a very good hole anyways. I CAN do better! Maybe I can get those two to come down from on top of the cabinet and play with me.Now, that would be fun!

Did it Snow in Portland?

Snow is elusive, at least in my perspective. I could have been in this 4-foot snow that Mom and Dad had when they lived in Colorado. Toby told me he just stepped over the fence and decided to go exploring. That would have been fun!

Or, Maggie could have shown me how to do it when Portland DID have some snow in 2008. She LOVED snow.

But me? Well, this tells it all….(I hope you clicked).

Pretty puny, huh?
Maybe next time…

Ice Before the Storm

I was hanging out in my condo, glancing out the window and waiting.Waiting for what, you say? Well, I saw this on the ‘puter this morning.And Mom said those blobs mean snow. Yes, SNOW!

When we were on our walks, this is what I saw:
Where’s the water?

I’m just waiting. Do you think it might just do it? Mom told me not to hold my breath, but I don’t think that sounds like a good thing to do. Oh, right, Mom. You didn’t mean to REALLY hold my breath……

Sniffs & Stares

A couple of days ago, we had probably the only snow we will get this year in Portland this year.

What did you say, Mom?

Watch what I wish for?

What’s that suppose to mean?

Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, there was this stuff coming out of the sky that looked like big rain drops that were white. Not having seen snow before, I did a lot of sniffing. You have to be careful not to get one of those rain drop thingees in your nose. Not nice…..

And then, there’s the squirrel thing. I’ve tried to stare them out of those trees, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.

Those darn squirrels must be hibernating or something. Or is that what bears do? I just know that they LOVE to tease Toby and me. I wonder what would happen if one got in my mouth? Well, these squirrels would get unstuffed–that’s a fact. But a real squirrel? Not a chance. I think I just have to sniff and stare at them…….

So, I think it’s time for a Blog Hop.

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