A Thankful Squirrel

Under the spreading oak,

a squirrel sits and looks at me.

He makes a search of the yard

for food he can store.

You see, his tummy is full

(acorns aplenty)–

but winter is yet to come.

He was ever so thankful,

when discovering an apple,

that he could munch in peace and joy.

Pee Ess: I let him have his fun!

It’s the simple things in life that make us all thankful. Even for Mr. Squirrel.

I have to eat what?

It’s done nothing but rain, rain, rain for days now. BOOOOOOORING!! So, I’ve had to spend a lot of time in the condo. It’s so bad, I don’t even mind sharing with Mystic.Sleeping is another rainy day pass-time. I’ve been doing a lot of catching up on my beauty sleep, that’s for sure!Asparagus was on the menu last night–I’m not a big “green veggie” fan, but decided to try it. Toby usually gets my share, and I’m more than willing to let him! ICKI’d much rather watch those bushy-tailed rats that inhabit my yard.You won’t believe this, but I DON’T like going out in the rain–at least when it’s been coming down as hard has it is. Even to chase that squirrel off my fence. It’s true! Honest!!

But we did get an award the other day. I have to thank Stella and the guys over at Just Ramblin’ for giving us a Creative Capture Blogging Award! Wow, I’m honored!! Thanks a bunch–you made my day.

Now, if it would just quit raining!

Sniffs & Stares

A couple of days ago, we had probably the only snow we will get this year in Portland this year.

What did you say, Mom?

Watch what I wish for?

What’s that suppose to mean?

Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, there was this stuff coming out of the sky that looked like big rain drops that were white. Not having seen snow before, I did a lot of sniffing. You have to be careful not to get one of those rain drop thingees in your nose. Not nice…..

And then, there’s the squirrel thing. I’ve tried to stare them out of those trees, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.

Those darn squirrels must be hibernating or something. Or is that what bears do? I just know that they LOVE to tease Toby and me. I wonder what would happen if one got in my mouth? Well, these squirrels would get unstuffed–that’s a fact. But a real squirrel? Not a chance. I think I just have to sniff and stare at them…….

So, I think it’s time for a Blog Hop.

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Looking for Spring

There must have been 1,000 birds in the trees around my house today–maybe even 10,000! Whatever, I think they are just making me bark. They’re worse than those bushy-tailed rats (Mom calls them squirrels). They sit up in the trees and chatter at me. And let me tell you, I don’t put up with that. No siree! Not for a minute.

So, I began to wonder–what’s all this about? Why are all these birds in the trees? Is spring coming? I was on the trail and there was a lot of green.

But it’s usually green in Portland in the winter. Then I went out in my front yard. What’s this? Could it be some of Mom’s tulips and daffodils coming up?

I PROMISED I wouldn’t eat them, but I got to get some really good sniffs. I love pretty flowers, but Mom says I have to wait. What’s with this wait stuff? Come on! GET GROWING!!

Deer Hunting Pooch

My cousin is pretty silly–he LOVES climbing this tree in his backyard. And there aren’t even any squirrels up there! Do you think he was looking for deer?

Or maybe he was looking for my birthday! It’s here, TODAY, but I can’t celebrate until everyone comes back from Texas. I can’t wait!!!

I think Dexter and I should hop over to the Blog Hop! No telling what we can see!!!

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Anipal Photo Hunt #11: Trick or Treat!

OK, you saw those pictures of Toby and me yesterday, but there are more!! Oh, the indignity of it all…………..

Toby does make a pretty nice king.

Then, there’s me–a stupid squirrel. I bet you’d never would have guess that, huh?

Now it’s time for the Anipal Blog Hop!

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