I LIKE to Help!

Christmas is almost here and Mom’s been busy! She’s been hiding out downstairs in her new sewing room working on Poppy’s very 1st stocking.

I stayed upstairs. Bored. Really bored.

But, then she said: “Let’s wrap packages!” Wow, that was right up my alley, especially when there’s paper involved. And Mom doing stuff where I can “help”. See? First you hold down the paper so Mom can put some tape on.Then, you help fold the paper. Sorry, Mom….I didn’t mean to get some tooth marks on it.I think this package wrapping is pretty cool! I sure hope there’s something here for me.Toby and I thought the finished products turned out pretty good–do you think Santa will hire us? Mom said I was such a good package wrapper that she was going to give me a stuffie to play with. She’s never let me play with one before–do you think maybe I’m growing up a little bit? She said: “We’ll see….Not sure what she meant by that, but I know there’s something Toby and I want to tell you.

To all my blog furiends out there a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(And if you need a package wrapper, give me a call.)