I’m Back!

I’m home! Mom’s home! All’s well again in the world. At least I think so. But, I have to tell you about my stint in the local jail great place they left me. It wasn’t for the whole time, just when Dad went to see little Poppy and Mom was still gone. I think I acted out a little bit right at first.

First, I went on a hunger strike. AND, that first night back there, I wasn’t going to have ANY PART of another dog sleeping next to me. No, sirree! See, they have open sleeping at this place. No cells crates (which I HATE). I heard them tell Mom I had to be put in solitary confinement a separate place to sleep and I think I was about to be sent to a maximum security prison expelled. Well, I fixed them! I decided I’d quit my hunger strike and got in good with some of the guards. I found some dogs to play with and started having a good time. That last night there I even kept everyone up because I wanted to play. And, they want me to come back! See? I know how to turn it around.

Mom said I’m her little juvie (that’s juvenile delinquent, if you don’t know). Didn’t she know I was stressed? And when I’m stressed, I get cranky. I keep telling her that I’m pretty normal for my breed. Hu-mans–they don’t know ANYTHING! But I guess I have to go see a shrink behaviorist…..

Meanwhile, Mystic and I are getting along swell–she sticks to the penthouse and I’ve got my condo back!