My Elusive Kitty


Dog–don’t come near!

I don’t normally talk much about Thailing–she has a different relationship with me than I have with Mystic.

Sage & Mystic

Mystic LOVES me


Mom says she was like that with Maggie and Toby, my doggy soul mates that came before me, so I’m not to feel too bad. Actually, I don’t. I’d just as soon she’d play with me, but that’s not to be, I guess.

Mom says Thailing has some sickies. Her thyroid doesn’t work right and she gets some medicine stuff stuck inside her ear twice a day. When I see the glove come on, I know it’s going to happen! Thailing doesn’t mind anymore, but when we went to the vet the other day, we found out she has even more sickies. Something called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Maybe that’s why she only weighs 7 pounds. Me? I’m a svelte 41 pounds.

Mom says we have to fatten Thailing up a bit, so we went to the kitty store and got some new kitty food. And they both LOVE it! But that’s not all–she gets some yummy smelling chicken that Mom cooks.

Nummy chicken!

Nummy chicken!

She gobbles it down! Me, being the best dog ever, watch from afar–wishin’ I had some of it.Sage & ThailingBut I get to watch Mom fix it. After poaching a chicken breast, Mom cuts it up in little pieces and freezes it in an ice-cube tray. Then all she has to do is take out one of the sections for a special meal. Um, she did sneak me a little piece. 🙂

Chicken bitsOn top of all this yummy new food, Thailing gets a little chew pill (prednisone) that she likes (so far) to help with her IBS problems. We hope she gets to feeling better soon, but not before the chicken is all gone!

Sage--I'm good!


The Case of the Missing Cat

I do my best to maintain my herding skills with all the neighborhood critters. There’s a house in the ‘hood that always has cats, cats, cats all over the place. Mom says they’re feral, whatever that means. The other day, we saw 5 (one was under the car)!

I think they were waiting for breakfast.

Then, there’s the elusive squirrel. They try their best to aggravate me to death with their chatter, chatter, chatter. One of these days, I’m gonna figure out how to climb a tree! Does anyone have a tree-climbing class for dogs that I could take?

Then, there’s my kitties…Thailing and Mystic. They always stay indoors so they don’t know anything about ferals or squirrels or such. But, Thailing went missing the other day (this is her when she’s not missing)

….except no one knew it but Mystic.

Mystic (at midnight): Mom, Thailing went out.

Mom (at midnight): We’re in here, Mystic. What’s wrong?

Mystic (2am): MOM, Thailing is out!

Mom (2am): What’s the matter, Mystic? Come get on the bed with us.

Mystic (5:30am): MOM, You’ve got to let her in! She’s scared.

Mom (5:30am): Awww, Mystic. You’ve been really fussy. What’s the matter? Do you want some lovin’? Here, let me hold you a minute. 

You’re wondering about now why Mom didn’t understand what Mystic was saying. Well, let me tell you, I did! And, when they let me out to go potty a few hours later, guess who I found? Thailing!! I brought her back to the door; we both came in and Mystic stopped fussing.

All that work with ferals and squirrels has paid off. I can definitely say: Case solved! 

(Pee Ess: No kitties were harmed in this adventure and Mom is looking for cat-speak lessons.)


Monday Mischief: When It’s Cold Outside

Boredom sets in when it’s cold and rainy…just right for some mischief! All I need is a little peanut butter for an energy-boost.

Thanks, Mom!

There’s a very suspicious lump in the bed—I think I need to investigate this!

                          Not that I’m averse to a bit of devilment 🙂

Mystic never stood a chanceOops. Where’d she go?

Thailing, are you next? How am I gonna post this?Oooooooh, don’t look at me like that.

I’ve Been Nipped

Oh, my dogness (again). That cute, cute kitty, Savannah, over at Savannah’s Paw Tracks threw a really pawsome award BRING ON THE NIP at me. Nip? What does that mean? Did another doggie take a little bite out of me? I sure didn’t feel anything and nooooooo, I’m not under the influence, like I was a month ago. 🙂 And you won’t let me have a nip of your wine, Mom, so what are they talking about?



Um, isn’t that a kitty thing?



OK, so here I am. Little ‘nips heading straight for me.

What do I do now, Mom? They’re getting pretty close.

I know!

I’ll become the Pied Piper of Nips.

Come on, little ‘nips.

Thailing? You surely like ‘nips. Right?Uh, not so much.

How about you, Mystic?They’re really, really good. You’d love them.

Uh, not so much.

MOM! What do I do now????? These kitties don’t have the nip gene and I’m supposed to be the Pied Piper of ‘Nips.

Mom: It’ll be OK, Sage. You just have to do a few things

1. Link back to who threw these nippers at you: Ah! That would be Savannah!

2. Tell everyone something you wanna celebrate.  Something good that happened: That’s easy. I’m a finalist in a Dirty Dog Contest sponsored by Wahl and I NEED votes so the shelter that kept me safe (until Mom & Dad could give me a wonderful furever home) will get some $$. You KNOW I love mud, so this should be easy. Vote, vote, vote for me every day at And thanks to everyone who’s voted for me so far! You are the BEST.

3. Pass the award along.  You can pass it along to just one blog or as many as twelve.

OK. Let me think about this. I think those kitties over at Brian’s Home would go WILD over a bunch of ‘nips. And Bassa surely would let Barnaby have a nip or two. Then, I’ll throw those nippers out to you doggers and anyone that catches one can have as much fun as I have!

One Happy Kitty

You know I live with two kittehs? Thailing’s been clamoring to use MY computer…she even gave me a swat across the snout when I gave her some lip about it. So, I’ve relented.

Here, ‘Linger (that’s what I call her sometimes). Have a go at it!

Gee, what I have to put up with sometimes…what’s a cat suppose to do when that D..O..G hogs the ‘puter all the time. Anyhow, I have to tell you that I think Toby left one of his dragons loose around here. I’ve felt pretty  puny lately and started losing weight (I’m down to a not-so svelte 6.25 pounds). Then, indignities on top of indignities, I had to go to the vet. Now that’s something I DON’T like, but let me tell you, it’s been one trip after another here lately. These hu-mans that live with me just kept that dreaded crate sitting there in the living room. Thought it would fool me. HA! Not on your life.

Then I started running a fever, coughing and lost even more weight….more pills. But it wasn’t the pneumonia they thought it was and they quit stuffing things down my throat. I have this pretty yummy chicken-flavored treat they give me now that has my thyroid meds mixed in it.

Tummy rubs, please

But the final indignity was the trip yesterday to get my teeth cleaned/pulled. See, I have this genetic disorder and had most of them pulled when I was a bit of a lass. I thought the rest were goners too, but they weren’t! I hope that crate gets put away now. I’m sick of this vet stuff.

Can I have a bit more food, too?

Pee Ess: I’ve gained a smidgen of weight (0.3 pounds) now! I hide it well under all that fur though. 

Monday Mischief: Trying to Stay Good

Yes, it’s true. There’s no mud today. Mom’s been sick and all it’s done is rain. Yesterday we had rain, sun, hail, snow, sun, rain. Today? Just a little snow. While I sat here in my condo, contemplating what to do, I saw Mr. Crow trying to find a morsel in that pot. Yep, that’s the extent of our snow. Pretty sad, huh?Then I went outside and Mr. Crow was yelling at me. I don’t think he was being very nice….I thought about working on the hole I was digging for Mom, but thought better of it. 🙂 It wasn’t a very good hole anyways. I CAN do better! Maybe I can get those two to come down from on top of the cabinet and play with me.Now, that would be fun!

It’s been a bit boring….

Yes, I have to admit it. I was so bored this week with all the rain and Mom going here and there that I had to make my own race course in the house. And, I’ve played a lot with Raccoon. Yes, it’s still in one piece–well, sorta. I chewed off one of the squeekers (I don’t like them very much). Then, we started playing a new game called “find it”….at least it’s sorta new for me. That was fun and I got to find some really good treats.

Toby was able to play that game with me…he can’t do much anymore. We go for a walk every day, but he can only go around a block or so before he starts dragging behind. Sometimes he falls in the house…I run over to help him, but he tells me not to. (I think he’s trying to be too macho, but Mom says it’s OK, so I guess he can be macho if he wants.)

Thailing loves him and is always giving him head rubs. She doesn’t love me like that…maybe it’s because I chase her?

It’s suppose to be nice today, so I’m campaigning for some ball chasing.

Mommmmmm! Can we go play ball? Please, please, please????