My Thankful Day

I have a lot to be thankful for today–let me tell you why.

You know I get really hot with all that running and stuff and there’s almost always a mud puddle to cool off in.A mud bath

Or a river to swim inThe cleanup in the riverA ball meant to land in my mouthball catchingOceans to exploreAt the OceanMountains to be climbedHere I come!My friends

And most of all


I’m now 5-years old…Mom says it means I’m supposed to be all grown up. Frankly, I think that’s a bit over-rated.

We celebrated with a fun, fun trip to the coast with Mr. N, who gave me a Tuffy Mega Bone with not one, not two but 10 layers of indestructible material. I looooved it. And it’s still in one piece. ūüėÄ Sage with new toyMore about this trip later, so stay tuned!!


An End to Boredom!

It’s been a long 3 weeks since I’ve been around¬†(not that I’ve been having fun or anything), but things are getting back to normal at my house—finally!¬†Mom’s knee is healing and the blood clot is (hopefully) under control. I’ve gotten a wonderfully long walk each¬†day from the¬†bestest petsitter in the whole world and some of my favorite bi-peds¬†have taken me on a few¬†outings where I can run.

When I heard I was going to get to go to 1000 Acres the other day,¬†I was in heaven! It was a little weird going without Mom, but I got to go with my buds Heidi and Toby–what could be better?? I was a bit worried about the supply of mud holes, but, fortunately,¬†I was able to find some. ūüėÄ



Mud always means a nice roll in the dirt afterwards. How else is a dog supposed to clean off?

There's nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†There’s nothing like a good roll after wallowing in a mud hole.

Then off we went to the Sandy River where I found a ball!

Look what I found!

                                                           Look what I found!

I even shared with Heidi. She likes to play keep-away.

I'll play ball with you, Heidi.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I’ll play ball with you, Heidi.

We ran and played and ran and played.

Run, Toby, Run!

                                                         Run, Toby, Run!

And I had a bath when I got home…

Mom started taking me for walks yesterday and¬†she whispered to me that we are going to see Mr. N this week for a new adventure! I can’t wait!!

In a Fog

Winter trudges along.

And so do I

(those are my words of wisdom for today, in case you were wondering ūüėÄ ).

Log rolling

On a recent trip to 1000 Acres, we found lots of trees blown down from a previous windstorm. Me, being my usual dare-devil self, tried a bit of log walking.

Toby & Sage on the log



Toby got up there with me.





Heidi thought she’d try too.


It was a bit hard, but we all cheered her on!

I found another log and scampered up.In a fogIt’s very important to scout for mud puddles, you know, but all I saw was fog.

I kept telling myself: Never fear, mud is always around.

Especially this time of year.Icy puddleWhat???

Blogiversary and Where Are We Going?

Today is my third blogiversary–yes, three whole years! It’s been so much fun and we’ve made a lot of new furiends. Thanks to all of you for watching me grow from a fuzzy-haired baby (where are my ears!)

Sage-10 weeks

Me at 10 weeks

to a  flop-eared, gangly youth

Sage-4 months

Me at 4 months

to what I am today…almost 4 years old!

Toby was my mentor and taught me how to be a dog. We were inseparable those first two years of my youth.¬†I’m alone now (well, except for those kitties), but he’s always with me.¬†

You’ve watched me doing what I love best

and I hope you continue to visit and enjoy my adventures!

So, where are we going?

I bet you can guess!!

Play Fun!

I know, I know. I’ve been missing. But I’m BACK with a whole lot of fun to tell you about. 1000 Acres twice in the past two days fun. I know you think I go there a LOT, but this dog loves¬†sproinging in the meadows

and swimming in the rivers.

And, of course, you know what happens during rainy season. ūüôā

You can't catch me, Heidi!

You can’t catch me, Heidi!

No rain in sight for a couple of months, but that’s OK. There’s always a dust bath.¬©

After a dunk in the water, what’s better than a roll in the dirt?

Oh, wait.

I know!



a roll in M..U..D.

But for now, I’ll settle for a bowl of water.¬© sagechronicles.wordpress.comMom says I have to take some time to visit all of you. So, I will!!

Patterns in the Sand

On a recent trip to the beach with my pals, Toby, Heidi and Macy, we noticed the tide was really out–further than we’ve ever seen it.

Sage ©

But since we don’t live at the beach and only visit occasionally, that doesn’t mean much. It did mean, however, that there was more beach to run on. And run we did!

There were several other dogs on the beach that day and they joined in the fun.

Further down the beach, we noticed some interesting patterns in the sand,

something we don’t usually see when we go to the beach. Called¬†wave-formed¬†ripple marks,¬†they are caused by the “right kind of winds, waves and currents”. And, interestingly, there were two distinct variations of ripple marks.¬†Not only did we have pretty patterns to look at, the sand was hard, making it easier to run.

All good things have to come to an end, so we all piled into my friend’s dogmobile for the trip home.
© sagechronicles.wordpress.comWe were a bunch of tired pooches!

I’m at the Ball!

Sage_Toby Plane ¬© sagechronicles.wordpress.comToby and I boarded our jet yesterday and flew over to merry ol’ England for the biggest ball of the year–sponsored by none other than Mollie and Ranger.

hearts ©

Those Brits sure know how to throw a pawty! Guests were arriving left and right in their fancy limos and jets. Dogs, kittehs, bunnies and a gerbil or two were all dressed to the nines! What a line-up of blogville celebs!

Red Riding Hood Sage ©

And little ol’ me.

I knew it was going to be chilly, there in merry ol’ England, so I slipped in my cloak with the fur collar and fancy-pancy embroidery.

My deep, deep down ancestry was from an Old English Sheepdog…so I wanted to honor that ancestry with¬†a period-costume gown from that era.


Toby ©


Toby looks stunning in ermine and leather, so I encouraged him to wear this amazing coat. I thought he was the bestest escort ever.

hearts ©


Thanks, Toby.

We had fun, didn’t we?

Valentine Pawty

Mollie and Alfie‘s Ball is going to be the biggest and best Valentine pawty in the anipaw blogworld and I (little ol’ me) am going. I knew I needed a date, so, the brazen hussy that I am, asked my BDFF Toby II to be my escort.Toby ¬© There really isn’t a demur bone in my body, I’m afraid.

Anyway, I’m all atwitter about what I’m going to wear–should I go with a long dress or short? Heels or no heels? And then there’s my hair….I tried putting my tail hairs in curlers but that turned out all wrong. What to do…what to do?

I did talk to Toby about what he was going to wear and he just grinned at me wolfishly. I wonder what that means?????

My Gotcha Day

I was only 10-weeks old here.

It’s been 3 whole years since Mom and Dad came to the shelter to rescued me. I was only 10-weeks old and weighed 6 pounds.¬†I was born in Madras, Oregon on November 27, 2009 and taken to a local shelter along with my two brothers–I don’t know where they are, but I hope they are as happy as I am. They called me “Aponi” back then–it’s a Native American female name meaning butterfly. It’s a pretty name, but not me.¬†Sage at 10 weeks

No one wanted me at that first shelter, so I was put in the Second Chance Program and moved to Portland. Mom saw me on Petfinder¬†while I was still at the other shelter and just knew I was meant to come live with them (I guess she thought I was cute or something).¬†My new household already had a dog named Toby and two cats. They didn’t like me very much, but I wanted to be friends and kept trying. Those kittehs STILL tell me I’m too trying…….

Sage-10 weeks

Toby and I became friends.¬†It took awhile–he thought I was a brat and missed his sister who died a few weeks before I came here. But I took care of that. I pounced on him, took him my toys and finally he started playing with me. He taught me a lot about playing in those first few months, and I’m really glad.

Toby & Sage

Toby left me to go play with Maggie almost a year ago. I miss him a lot, but will always be grateful he was there to help me grow up.

And grow up I did! Mom and I have lots of fun together. I know I’m a ball-obsessed, mud-lovin’ dog, but Mom says she wouldn’t have me any other way. I’m just really, really glad they came three years ago and took me home to live with them.¬†Zigzag Falls

Pack Dynamics



You know my Toby left me 4 months ago today. I know what happened…I was there when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge.





And I’ve been happy being the ‘only dog’ at home. I have my pack of friends–Toby II, Macy, Caly and Tucker–and, if you’ve read my stories, you know a little about them. Oh, and there’s my boyfriend Wyatt, but he’s moving to Montana.



My friends, Caly and Tucker, are about my size. We meet often and¬† have a romping good time! Toby II and Macy live across the street and were the very first members of my extended pack. Macy is 12-years old and is a lab/pit mix. I think I’m the only one (well, besides her bro, Toby II) who can jump all over her and get her to play. Toby II is a big dog that’s a Great Pyrenees/Husky mix.

The phone rang the other day and I knew it was Toby II and Macy’s Mom…how many of you recognize your human friends ring-tone?¬† Yes, I really do. I know it means something good is going to happen. Well, this time, I wasn’t so sure. She decided to foster a dog. Not just any dog, but a 2-year old Saint Bernard named Haley. A BIG dog.You say, “piece of cake”. Well, not so fast. We first met on a walk around the block. I studiously ignored her. Mom was a little surprised as this isn’t my usual reaction to a new dog. I meet and greet with the best of you.

Not this time.

The next day, we all met in their house. We always have good treats and I usually entice Toby II and Macy to play.

Not this time.

Haley was in the room and I was a little scared. She didn’t do anything and just wanted to be loved (that’s what Mom says). But, I was scared. My Toby would have known what to do, but he’s not here to tell me anymore. I have to figure out these things myself now. And sometimes it’s hard.

Mom said a little exposure every day will help, so the next day, we went over again. I stayed outside. I could tell the humans were having a good time inside, but I thought looking for my neighbor’s kitties was a better thing to do. I was there, but not there, you know? They just let me do my own thing. I have to think about this Haley thing a bit more.

Today, we met in my neighbor’s backyard. Were things a little different today? Did I feel a bit better about Haley?I didn’t go over and sniff her, but maybe she’s OK. I got a little closer, but still ignored her a bit.Then, the magic word “treats” was heard by all! Toby II showed up (he ignores Haley too). I got a bit closer.Finally, we all got in the picture. I was happy with the progress I’ve made.

Mom said she wonders whether I need a playmate at home…extend my pack a bit more. Give me some more confidence. I tell her this is the way I’ve always been. Remember how I was when she gave my Toby and me an antler? I hid under the desk until Toby showed me it was OK.¬† I’m picky about my furiends, but when I find one I like…well, I really like them. Nothing wrong with that…I just have to warm up to them.

But, having a new sister or brother? I have to think about that.

A lot.