A Trip to the Tulip Farm

There’s a farm south of here that’s full of tulips.A field of tulips

And every year they have a tulip festival–a rainbow of color as far as we could see! It was a warm day and Mom knew a mud puddle wasn’t in my future (even though I saw some…). With my cooling coat on and some water to drink, I wasn’t feeling overheated.

So much exploring to do. Where should Mr. N and I start? We walked row after row after row of tulips until we found a tractor to ride!IMG_7942

You drive, Mr. NIMG_7940I’ll navigate.

A short rest on a nearby benchA sea of tulipsand we were ready for more!

Buckets of tulips

Soon it was time to go home, but not before visiting one of the many windmills at the farm.Windmill at Tulip Farm

We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next adventure!