I’m Two!!

My hu-Aunt and Uncle came to visit and it’s been a busy week. Well, they were busy–I got a lot of sleep and lots of tummy rubs from my hu-Uncle. My hu-Aunt got a special treat for us, so last night was bully stick night! Toby and I each have our own techniques for attacking these sticks. I chewed mine in half, but Toby tackled the whole thing at once. Neither one of us finished them….

I got up this  morning and found all these preparations for a big celebration! I suspected something was a-foot when I smelled something really, really good. Mom had made Pupcakes! She said they were pretty easy to make.

Hamburg Pupcakes

1/4 pound ground beef
2 teaspoons potato flour (or oatmeal)
1 egg
1 white potato, mashed

Mix the ground beef, potato flour and egg together and divide into six pieces. Put into a cupcake tin and bake at 375 F for 20 minutes or until done. In the meanwhile, boil a white potato (I used a russet), mash with a little milk and let cool.

When the beef mixture is done and cooled, spread a little potato on top for frosting.

Would you believe Mom made me pose with one of these Pupcakes and I didn’t even drool!! And I didn’t even get a taste? What’s up with that?That’s because I got more presents! Of course, everything was something to eat because I destroy stuffies and eat the insides and Mom & Dad had to take me to the emergency vet one time. Remember? Before I could have any of my birthday presents, we had to go the park and played ball! That’s always my favorite pass-time, but you know that.

When we got home, I had to endure the silly hat thing, but I’m suppose to be grown up now, so I gave Mom her 2 seconds so she could take a picture. Toby, being the senior dog in this house, knew it would only get better. I wasn’t so sure.But it did! I have to tell you, this was the best birthday yet! You do know George the Lad‘s birthday is today too! He’s also two and had a big party over there in Shropshire, England. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, George!! I’ll have another Pupcake just for you.

An Evening at the Park

We have a nice park near our house where we’ve been going to play in the evenings. We usually play ball (imagine that?), but tonight there were a bunch of dogs I wanted to run with. That’s good, because Mom forgot the ball 😦 .There were several dogs there tonight, so, of course, there’s always the “meet and greet” session.Maybe this dog will share his ball?No such luck, but that’s OK, because I decided zoomies were more my style tonight.When I do zoomies, Toby and I have our roles. He’s the cheerleader and I’m the runner. So, come on, let’s get a move on, dogs! I want to R-U-N. And off we went!After a few great runs, we head for home and walk by a house with a bunch of kittehs. At least I think they are kittehs–they don’t act like mine do. This one made a funny noise–sorta like a hisssssssss–and looked all blown up like a balloon. I wonder if it was letting out all its air and would go flat? I’m going to ask my kittehs if they can do that too.

And now I’m going to see who’s over at the Saturday Blog Hop. See you there!

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This is me--my 1st trip to a fenced dog park. I was 5-months old!

It rains here a lot in the spring and that’s when I was ready to go, go, go. All my life–that’s forever, you know– I’ve been tethered to a leash while Toby and everyone else (I mean EVERYONE ELSE) could run free. Mom got on her computer (she loves it) and found ALL the dog parks with a fence. I think we went to a lot of them and I got to play without a leash, but I couldn’t go to some that didn’t have a fence. That was OK for a while, but I knew there was more out there. But, not too long ago, I finally convinced them I could do it. I didn’t think it would ever come! Here’s what happened:

Mom and Dad took me to school to learn stuff (and get treats, remember?). They told the teacher I got “distracted” and wouldn’t listen. Now, what the heck does that mean. I just love to run and play! I hear them–I’m not deaf! Teacher came up with a plan we all could live with–string cheese! And who benefits? ME!

This is me with Toby, Toby II, Macy and my MOM (I'm the littlest dog)

We practiced and practiced. This was a pretty good deal. They said “COME” and I got cheese. Toby did to. Then we were ready for the big day. Mom took me to Woodstock Park near our house. There were lots of dogs and no fence! And think I did pretty good, but Mom said I needed more practice. So we practiced some more.

Mom and Dad took me to this HUGE park–it’s called Sandy River Delta park, but most folks call it 1000 acres dog park. It’s really 1400 acres, but who’s counting? My best friend Toby II also went–along with his Mom, Janice, and Macy (Macy is Toby II’s big sister). Well, we got there and started down a path and what do you know? Suddenly I was free! No leash! This was the best!

Mom says there’s a whole lot more to this park and we would go there lots! I can’t wait!!