Monday Mischief: Zigzag Falls

I told you there was more to my blogiversary adventures and you’ll have to wait to see what my ‘mischief’ is.

Our next venture on our blogiversary trip was to Zigzag Falls, which is on the Zigzag River up near Mt. Hood.

I was getting a little confused with all the zigging and zagging stuff, so I had Mom do a little research for me. She found out that the river comes from the Zigzag Glacier on the southwest side of Mt. Hood and goes through the Zigzag Canyon and then out to the Sandy River (next to my most favorite dog park in the whole world—1000 Acres). I still didn’t know why it was called Zigzag, but Mom said this is what she found:

“Pioneer Joel Palmer crossed the deep ravine of Zigzag Canyon near the timberline on Mt. Hood on October 11, 1845. He described the crossing in his journal:

The manner of descending is to turn directly to the right, go zigzag for about one hundred yards, then turn short round, and go zigzag until you come under the place where you started from; then to the right, and so on, until you reach the base.

The Zigzag River is no more crooked than adjoining streams, therefore the stream was most likely identified to fellow travelers on what was to become the Barlow Road by the manner of crossing and not for an especially irregular alignment.”

We did a lot of that zigzagging going up to Mirror Lake, but Mom called them ‘switchbacks’. She said they could also be called ‘S’ curves. I’m really confuserated so I checked out the Zigzag River and didn’t think it was very crooked! But in the spirit of adventure, on we went to the falls.

We got to them pretty quickly…just a short hop and a skip from the trailhead…but we were OK with that after all the zigging and zagging we did earlier.

There are a gazillion falls around Mt. Hood and this one is nice. Not as spectacular as some, but how many are full of zigs and zags?

Pee Ess: I hope you notice the cleanliness of my furs. I wanted to present the cleanest image of me for such a momentous event. 🙂 I think you could even call that a bit of mischief!!