Cats–What Do I Do With Them?

Originally posted July 27, 2010–They say cats and dogs can get along. We had our moments the first several months I lived here. This is a run-up to the ‘condo wars’ we had later on. You’ll hear about that tomorrow!

When I came to this family, there were two cats living here–Thailing and Mystic. I have been trying and trying to get them to play, but I guess they just don’t get the concept. Mom keeps telling me I have to be “gentle”–what does that mean?  I want to be friends and I just can’t understand why we can’t race and wrestle like I do with all my other friends. Mom says they are “cats”. What the heck does that mean? They can’t run and wrestle? They hiss and swat? Geeeez

Here’s what’s happened:

I happen to be a rambunctious dog (well, puppy still). They say they are older and sedate. Running, playing and wrestling is NOT a cat thing at this age. Well, la te da.

I keep trying. The one called Mystic stayed downstairs for a whole month after I first came to this house–maybe more. Dad says I have to be “nice” to Mystic–what does that mean? She’s his cat–well, I’m his dog!

Thailing (the other one) MIGHT be my friend, but she’s not too sure.

I think I may be making some progress with this “friends” thing. Every day, we work on it–well, I do; the cats are not so sure. I get really excited to see them and jump all around them. My tail wags, doesn’t that mean something-it does to my dog friends. I guess tail wagging for cats means something else……

Thailing thinks I scare Mystic. When I’m trying to play with Mystic, she makes this awful cat noise and then Thailing comes over; gets between us and swats me. What’s up with that?

One day, not too long ago, Mystic rubbed on me. I stuck my nose on her and she hissed at me! Darn, I thought I’d done something right.

Mom and Dad say I have to be patient–they tell the cats that also. That I will get older and not as rambunctious. Yeah, right.

Here I am with Mystic! I think she secretly likes me.

11 thoughts on “Cats–What Do I Do With Them?

  1. Haha, of course she likes you!
    I live with a cat. Other than swating at my eyes with her claws, I think she secretly loves me!
    She’s 19 years old though, I think it’s because she doesn’t want to play!
    Pippa 🙂


  2. The cats just don’t want you to know they like you sweet Sage…they are that way you know. The cats here hiss at me sometimes but I know they love me they just keep it a secret…so I think your cats are that way too. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy


  3. Cats just don’t get it, Sage. I’m not sure Mystic really looks like she likes you in that photo. I hope you at least erred on the cautious side and kept your distance. 🙂


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