Anipal Photo Hunt #5-Blog Paws

If you read my prior post, you KNOW where I am. In my condo. I won!!!!!!

Here I am, reading about my lawsuit.

I need to think about another blog. What should it be…….

Maybe this should be my new office?

I need to clean up this place, starting with the computer.

OK, now it’s your turn! Go post your “BLOG PAWS” photos on your blog, then come back here and click the link below to join the Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop. I would add the link with the list of current bloggers in the hop, but WordPress won’t allow the code found on the LinkyTools site. But you can find it all by clicking below. Have fun at the blog hop!!

8 thoughts on “Anipal Photo Hunt #5-Blog Paws

  1. Every time I try and type my claws get caught in the keys. Mom says that why we have so many typos. And I’m terrible with commas. Mom always has to go back a few times and put them all in. And she says she doesn’t see so good so she might miss a couple.

    Mom won’t let me use the mouse. She says I’ll chew it up. I would. A mouse is just a skinny squirrel.

    Smell you later,



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