What’s on Toby’s Head?

Toby got hurt at the dog park this weekend and Dad has to take him to the V-E-T today. I don’t like it when they don’t go without me.

Mom said he was going to be OK–he just had a place on his leg where another dog played too rough and bit him. I saw him licking and licking this spot–I wonder if that’s where it was? When he came home I was waiting!

Toby, are you OK? I was worried. I HATE it when you go without me!”

Then, Mom put this THING on his head.

Let me tell you, I wasn’t happy about this! I’ve never seen anything so AWFUL. They’d better not put one on me!!

Toby didn’t seem to care, but I did.

Here, Toby, let me get this off you.

“Darn, that didn’t work. Let me try this!”

I had this crazy notion that maybe it was on my head–so I started chewing on something. Mom said “Sage, quit chewing your collar!”

I wondered why Toby was looking at me so funny….

He told me “It’s OK, Sage. Sometimes our hu-mans want to parade us around in silly costumes and sometimes we have to wear the CONE OF SHAME. When you get as old as I am, you’ll have probably worn it a few times too.”

My Toby is so smart. He always knows how to make me feel better.

Oh, wait! Did he say I might have to wear one too sometime? I don’t think so…..

I don’t care what they say!!

17 thoughts on “What’s on Toby’s Head?

  1. Awww. Your poor Toby in his cone of shame. You is such a good sis trying to rescue him from it. I had to wear one a while back and you knows wot, once you get used to it you can turn yourself into a canine battering ram! Yeah, I woz like Rambo with that thing on BOL!


  2. Sorry to hear Toby got hurt. Hope he heals quickly.

    Nursing a dog with a sibling can be tough. I remember wondering how my dog Christie got out of the sweatshirt I had carefully tied her into before heading off to work. Finally, I caught her sister Agatha helping to work it over her head.

    Looks like the cone works much better!


  3. Poor Toby!! I am sorry you have to wear the Cone of Shame! I hope your leg feels better soon.
    Sage you are such a great friend to try and help him out with the cone!


  4. Hey, Sage. It’s good that you care so much about Toby, but he knows what he’s talking about. It is really okay. Did you know that Toby II had to wear one once? Yes, indeedy. He was almost lethal with that thing on his head!! LOL!


    • That sure does look much better than these hard plastic ones. I know Sage will never put up with it so I might actually invest in one for whenever the time comes.


  5. I am so sorry to hear about Toby’s accident. I hope the vet was able to help him feel a little better, even if he got stuck with the evil cone of shame.

    I hope Sage was able to deal a little better after a while with her sibling’s new accessory as well. It must be quite a sight to another dog!


  6. Oh Miss Sage, we hope Mr. Toby is all better soon! I’m 11 and I’ve never had to wear the cone of shame, but that’s only because my big owies have been on my neck and my chest where I can’t bother them. It doesn’t look like fun at all and I can see how you would be confoozled by it!

    Barks & Wiggles and Luvs,



  7. Hi Sage! I hope Toby is already well and doesn’t need to wear that horrible thing! I had it last year not to lick my feet but I was clever enough to lick still…I couldn’t see where I walk and I it was awful! You are good friend – tried to help Toby to take it away!
    Vof! Nero


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