My Boyfriend Sammie

One of my favoritest things to do, well, besides mud, of course, is to go to my weekly agility lesson.¬†Do you ever get excited when you know you’re going someplace fun? Well, today, I got so excited while driving there I yipped a couple of times and licked Mom in the ear–twice! Mom said I was acting like a little kid–all bouncy and couldn’t wait to get there.

Sammie sits next to me while our Moms walk the course. We do a little smoochin’, but don’t tell Mom! She might have taken a picture and I would have been sooooooo embarrassed. ūüėČ We have to wait before going into the arena–always a good time to catch up.Sammie & SageAnd we had a VERY rare moment where we both were allowed to be together on the course–our instructor has a very strict no-fraternization rule, but she knows how much we like each other…at a 'jump'

The we got down to it! I was a blur, but you get the idea. over the jumpIMG_7743And Sammie was there cheering me on.

His turn was next…

My Top 10 Fun List (Dogs Only)

My birfday is coming up–next week I’ll be 4 years old! To commemorate that momentous event, I decided to entertain you with a few stories about when I was just a lass. You know, ‘back-in-the-day’ type of stories. We all have them. And things haven’t changed much in the past 3 years.¬†So, here we go–originally posted August 17, 2010.

I’m bored. It’s been hot for days, which means no walks during the day, no park during the day, no this, no that, not much of anything! Mom says that’s not true–we just have to do things differently. She said it’s going to cool off tomorrow–boy, am I glad! (‘cept now it’s cold and raining and raining and raining. BORING)

I’ve already told you I have LOTS of energy, so when it’s hot, I just can’t sleep all day like Toby does and I don’t know how to read yet like Mom and Dad do. So, inbetween deviling the cats and chewing my antler, I decided to list my 10 favorite things to do. I’m not sure I can even count to 10–remember I’m not even 9-months old–but I’ll try. My list is not necessarily in order. I know which is my favorite, do you?

Do you think she likes me?

10. Tease cats–I get in trouble for doing this, but it’s FUN. If they would just learn….. (Um, sometimes I still tease them…)

9. Chew my elk antler–I spend a lot of time doing this. Mom says it helps my teeth AND I don’t chew it up in 5 minutes like I do all my other toys.¬†(my fave!)

8. School–you might say “why is this fun“? Because Mom and Dad learn stuff and I have fun!¬†(remedial education is an ongoing thing around here, for some reason)

7. Play games–I play a lot of games, like “leave it”, “come”, “NOW”, “drop”, “off” (that one I don’t do so well), “quiet” and of course, “sit”, “down”, “wait” and “stay” (I don’t do that very well either). What I like best about games are the treats!¬†(YEP–this is a keeper!)

6. Go to the park–I get really excited when we get in the car and Mom takes Toby & me to the park. I have LOTS of friends there that I can run and wrestle with. I especially like to go to 1000 acres park with Toby II. He’s my best friend. Mom says it’s good to be “socialized”, whatever that means. Friends teach me stuff and I teach them stuff. Like school.¬†(1000 acres is still my fave! Others? Not so much)

Two fun things–a ball and water!

5. Play ball–I play ball at home when we can’t go out (like now). I even bring it back! Mom played ball with me in the pool today. WOW–do you know that’s two fun things in one?¬†(well, you know the answer to this one ūüôā )

4. Walks–We do that a LOT. I sometimes get to meet Mom’s friends and I’m very good and “sit”. Sometimes I see Oz and we get to play! (my buddy Oz moved, but nothing else has changed)

3. Off-leash–Oh, wow. I LOVE this. But Mom is always in control. She’s the top dog, right? I think so. Sometimes she won’t let me run free (like when I don’t “come” right away). I always know where Mom is, but sometimes she doesn’t know where I am. She says I’m learning. That’s what school is for, right?¬†(Mom’s still the boss here…)

2. Digging–Mom says I’m digging a hole to Croatia. They “think” they are leaving me here when they go, but won’t they be surprised when I pop up!¬†(OMD, I just found out I was digging to Australia–not Croatia. Guess I should have looked at a map….)

1. Water–I LOVE water. Yep, I LOVE water. The river, the pool, the beach–you name it. Mom says I don’t even know about snow yet. She says that’s water too. We’ll see….¬†(I should have added mud here, but it’s still has that water component. Right?)

So, what do you think? Pretty good list, huh? Do you think I forgot something? Did you guess my favorite? What do you think it is?

Sleepy Time

Early in the morning, I don’t care who I sleep with.Now, if she starts snuggling, like these kittehs do with TobyI’ll be sure I’m slipping….

Pee Ess: This is an old picture taken WAY before Toby got his sickies. They still snuggle like that though….

The Devil & The Deep Not-So-Blue River

Sorry folks, I tried, but couldn’t convince Mom to take me mud-puddlin’ today. She had other plans. First a bit of swimming.

A little ball play. (A bit blurry, but I’m that fast–at least for her cell camera.)Then she did it to me.I DARED her to put the devil hat on me–it’s bad enough putting silly stuff on my back. Mom said I’d never make it as a model. I guess it’s a good thing we had fun before all the yucky dress-up stuff.


Sir Pantsalot’s Update

Hi! Toby here. It’s been a long haul since I was knighted as ‘Sir Pantsalot of the Round Bowl‘ and a lot has happened. Let me tell you, fighting dragons is hard. Really HARD. Even with a magic sword. My special vet has been with me all the way, even though the dragons were impervious to some of those potions he sprinkled on my sword. Dragon 1 was Cushing’s Disease. That was a nasty fight, let me tell you. I don’t think I’d had enough practice with my sword, so I ended up on the wrong side of that battle. I was pretty down and out for a bit, that’s for sure. And, wouldn’t you know, the Cushing’s dragon called in reinforcements! Just what I needed….

This new dragon¬† had a funny name:¬† Addison’s Disease. It’s supposed to be the opposite of Cushing’s (sorta like a mirror image). All I know, it was scary. But Sage and all my blog friends were by my side in all my fights. It sure helps to have an army behind you!! I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes and happy thoughts you sent. Dragons don’t like them, that’s for sure. But that wasn’t the end of it.

I kept losing weight (must have been all that fighting) and my special vet tried something to help me absorb food. I spent a couple of days looking at the Rainbow Bridge. It was there–I saw it. It’s really beautiful, let me tell you. And I saw Maggie. She looked like she couldn’t wait to have me come play with her! But Sage, the little whippersnapper that she is, said NO–I couldn’t go yet. She needs me here. I heard her in the distance saying that and decided maybe I should stay a while longer.

So, here I am. The special vet says I’m doing pretty well in my fight with the Addison’s dragon. The magic Prednisone potion is working! My legs don’t work so well and I have some spinal degeneration, but I’m happy. I go for walks. I get some of the best food you could ask for and I gained a couple of pounds! Pretty good, huh?

Muddy Monday

The rains have started and you know what that means! M. U. D. mud. Glorious mud. There aren’t any mud-puddles yet, but there’s no shortage of water at 1000 Acres. And we were on the prowl looking for some. Mom didn’t like the looks of this water, so we weren’t allowed to stay in this pond. Too icky, she said.¬† So, we forged onward and found a new trail through some ghostly looking trees. Tucker & I decided this was a pretty weird place. But it led us to a small hole filled with water. I was in it in a nano-second! What is there about water that’s so wonderful?But this isn’t the end of our adventure! We slogged on (I like that word–it’s what we do) and all of a sudden. There is was. The Columbia! Well, a small inlet of it. Come on, guys. Get a move on–I want to go swimming! We didn’t have a ball, so Caly and I started swimming for sticks. There’s always a lot around.Except she brought back both of them! That’s OK with me–I give up my ball or stick if someone else wants it. But don’t worry, I got my share.That’s what we do.