Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

I know I haven’t been around much lately. I hope you are still my furiends. 🙂

It’s been a long couple of months:

  • I watched Mom put lots of our stuff in boxes (not all, just a lot–I still had my kibble).
  • Then those boxes went in a huge, huge box…and they took it all away.
  • Then, I couldn’t be home for a few days (Pee Ess: Mom made sure we had some fun adventures).
  • Then she told me we sold our house for LOTS of $$$.
  • Then she told me we have no place to live.

WHAT????This is too scary!

It was time for an adventure.

Mom heard about a neat trail just a couple of miles away–one we’ve never explored–that meanders around the bottom of a cliff next to the Willamette River. It’s a wildlife refuge and really marshy, which meant I had to stay on my leash. That was OK…we were on an adventure!! DucksPart way along the trail, we walked past a local mortuary that had painted the entire outside to reflect the wildlife living below. Pretty cool, huh?

IMG_0357On the backside of our adventure, we walked a part of the Springwater Corridor that goes past an amusement park that’s been there since 1905 (we see this park a lot when we walk along the river on the other side). It even has a really old wooden skating rink!Oaks BottomBack on the trail, I found a lot of water. I was getting a bit thirsty, but Mom said this wasn’t water I could drink. And I know some of you don’t believe it, but I didn’t even get my belly wet! We were moving too fast–something about endorphins, I think. Marshy water

 We have 6 more weeks left in Portland and hopefully we can cram in a few more adventures. Soon we’ll have a whole new place to explore! IMG_0360The Popstar is so excited that we are going to live near her–she’s picked out lots of houses for us, but they don’t have that silly sign out front and don’t want our $$$.

What’s up with that?

17 thoughts on “Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

  1. oh that old skating rink sounds great… I bet it could tell you the bestest stories of the past when you sniff on that old wood :o) … and I can offer you my guest bed till you picked the right new home for you :o)


  2. How exciting, Sage!!! We are sure your humans will find a great new home for you close to PopStar. Just think of how much fun you will have finding new hiking places. But what about your pal Mr. N? He is going to miss you:(

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  3. It’s good to see you, Sage, and we’re glad you’ve been having some fun adventures! We are getting ready to move as well, but only about 5 miles away to a different house! It’s still an adventure though, that’s for sure…and not always a fun one (but it will be fun when we get settled in our new home in the boonies).


  4. OMD Sage, you is moving? You has showed me some furry interesting adventure places where you was living and now I can looks forward to lots more from a new place!


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