My Boyfriend Sammie

One of my favoritest things to do, well, besides mud, of course, is to go to my weekly agility lesson. Do you ever get excited when you know you’re going someplace fun? Well, today, I got so excited while driving there I yipped a couple of times and licked Mom in the ear–twice! Mom said I was acting like a little kid–all bouncy and couldn’t wait to get there.

Sammie sits next to me while our Moms walk the course. We do a little smoochin’, but don’t tell Mom! She might have taken a picture and I would have been sooooooo embarrassed. 😉 We have to wait before going into the arena–always a good time to catch up.Sammie & SageAnd we had a VERY rare moment where we both were allowed to be together on the course–our instructor has a very strict no-fraternization rule, but she knows how much we like each other…at a 'jump'

The we got down to it! I was a blur, but you get the idea. over the jumpIMG_7743And Sammie was there cheering me on.

His turn was next…

21 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Sammie

  1. I love jumping. Going to class used to make me nervous we have not gone since November. We are going back next week to see if I have gotten better and may be enjoy myself more


    • I was nervous too when I went to a 3-dog class. It took about a month before I was comfortable again and now it’s great. Keep going, especially if you love it!


  2. Wow, you are a blur, Sage! Your boyfriend is very handsome and you make such a cute couple….it’s great that you get to do the agility together. We are hoping our puppy Luke will enjoy agility when he gets old enough to try it.


  3. Hi Y’all!

    So nice to have a buddy cheer for you and encourage you! I love agility class.

    Yep, when i know we are going hikin’ I start with a whine and get to a full crescendo! Unfortunately I’m either in my seat belt or my crate and lickin’ my Human’s ear is not an option!

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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