Paws for Japan

Paws for JapanYou’ve seen the news from Japan and probably a lot of the clips about dogs being rescued and reunited with their owners. I was particularly touched with clip about two dogs trapped in the tsunami, one was injured, the other wasn’t–both were undoubtedly scared. The uninjured dog stayed with his friend until they could be rescued and now they both are being cared for.

Aid for something of this magnitude needs our help and  Blog Paws/Be the Change for Pets organized Paws for Japan to promote World Vets, a veterinary organization that helps animals wherever in the world help is needed.  World Vets (a IRC 501(c)(3) organization) is now coordinating relief efforts to help Japan in its current crisis and today, March 17, is the day we are blogging about this.

If you can help, either by spreading awareness through re-blogging, twitter, facebook, email or by making a contribution, however big or small, it will go a long way toward helping dogs, cats and other animals separated from their families, injured, trapped and in need of rescue. To do this, either go here to the World Vets site donation page or here to the “Japan Animal Aid Chip In” icon on the Blog Paws/Be the Change for Pets link to make your donation.

I’m getting mine ready right now. Please note, this is how I’m wearing my “green”! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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15 thoughts on “Paws for Japan

  1. Hello Sage! That was touching video! We feel so awfull for all the people and animals in Japan! Really great that you have found a way to help – you have so sweet heart Sage!
    This is defenetely no matter to laugh but you you look really sweet and funny with your money!
    xxx Teje and Nero


  2. Yes I to have seen the two dogs and tears came to my eyes for them and I am so glad they were rescued!!!
    It is to sad to watch much and my prayers and green papers go out to them!!!
    Do came a see visit with me today please Sage!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  3. We will pass the word. along. This is a terrible, terrible disaster. The numbers are up to 15,000+ missing and dead. It will take a global effort to help them. Let’s use the internet to help human and animal alike.

    Opie and Opie’s Mom


  4. Nice to meet you sage.

    Wasn’t it a lot of fun (&help for World Vets) to take part in this blog hop/ So many great folks and animals took part!

    look forward to seeing you on twitter


  5. Woof! Woof! So glad those dogs were rescued. Very sad on what happened in Japan. Continue to send my Golden prayers n thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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