Mischief Monday: No Barrier for the Car…YET

It’s been a crazy, busy week but I did get to ride in the new car! I let Mom know once and for all what I thought of the waaaaaaay back, but she said she was boss. I immediately said: WHAT???  I thought I was the princess? Apparently not, since she’s still looking for a barrier and my prince hasn’t come to rescue me. What’s up with that?

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See? I do know how to escape from behind bars.

In the meanwhile, I wormed my way into the back seat. Prince or no Prince, I think my cuteness goes a long way, don’tcha think?

Mom: No, Sage. When I finally find what I want, you will love your new ‘nest’. And it does come with treats! Just remember, the Sagemobile still awaits your pleasure when we are going to play in the water or mud or dirt or sand or…..


12 thoughts on “Mischief Monday: No Barrier for the Car…YET

  1. It do be a good thing that you live on the udder side of the You Ess of A coz we has the barrier from the Hikemobile 1, RIP, wot needs a new home. Mom used it to keep stinky shelter dogs in the back until she could get them home and gib them bafs but she nefur put me back there coz she woz askeered of sumbuddy rear ending us and me being back there. (Tell that to your mom, just trying to help you out here, gurlfurrend.) The moms should just realize it only be a matter of time afore we get the new mobiles all broken in fur our comforts with some mud and furs and stuffs. I is making good pawgress on mine 🙂 Pee Ess – we has that EXACT same inside barrier with the kitteh door, BOL.


  2. Well, I’m just amazed that no prince has come to give your “happy ever after” ending and a big fancy car that’s all yours. What is the world coming to. I’m glad your Mom is finally giving into that cute face and letting you in the new car, even if it is only sometimes.


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