My Gotcha Day

I was only 10-weeks old here.

It’s been 3 whole years since Mom and Dad came to the shelter to rescued me. I was only 10-weeks old and weighed 6 pounds. I was born in Madras, Oregon on November 27, 2009 and taken to a local shelter along with my two brothers–I don’t know where they are, but I hope they are as happy as I am. They called me “Aponi” back then–it’s a Native American female name meaning butterfly. It’s a pretty name, but not me. Sage at 10 weeks

No one wanted me at that first shelter, so I was put in the Second Chance Program and moved to Portland. Mom saw me on Petfinder while I was still at the other shelter and just knew I was meant to come live with them (I guess she thought I was cute or something). My new household already had a dog named Toby and two cats. They didn’t like me very much, but I wanted to be friends and kept trying. Those kittehs STILL tell me I’m too trying…….

Sage-10 weeks

Toby and I became friends. It took awhile–he thought I was a brat and missed his sister who died a few weeks before I came here. But I took care of that. I pounced on him, took him my toys and finally he started playing with me. He taught me a lot about playing in those first few months, and I’m really glad.

Toby & Sage

Toby left me to go play with Maggie almost a year ago. I miss him a lot, but will always be grateful he was there to help me grow up.

And grow up I did! Mom and I have lots of fun together. I know I’m a ball-obsessed, mud-lovin’ dog, but Mom says she wouldn’t have me any other way. I’m just really, really glad they came three years ago and took me home to live with them. Zigzag Falls

46 thoughts on “My Gotcha Day

  1. You were so very cute Sage and I like your now mane better!! You do have a wonderful home and I am so glad for you!!! Happy Gotcha Day Sage!!!!!! Hope you have many more!!!


  2. Happy, happy Gotcha Day, Sage. I think you and your family both got pretty lucky on this day three years ago. Hope you get lots and lots of hugs and kisses and treats today. I’m pretty sure you will!


  3. Happy Gotcha Day to you and your family Sage. I can see why your mama had to go rescue you. You were one cute puppy. And now yous livin’ the good life!


  4. Happy Gotcha Day Sage! I can’t imagine anyone not wanting you, I think it was just because you were waiting for your mumma. You know your furry family when you meet them. Big kiss on the top of your gorgeous head from me, loves from Bubba and zoomies and bitey faces from Bella and Beary. xox


  5. Why didn’t they want you at the first shelter? Were they nuts? You were cute as a button! Anyway, all good because you’re now with the best family ever who lets you be all the mud dog you can be. Awww Toby. He was kind to teach you stuff before he left. I’m not sure Mr T taught me anything 😉

    Happy gotcha day, Sage! X


  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Sage! So nice of you to share a visit with your Toby on your Gotcha Day. I bet he is right there with you celebrating. I send you a cheeseburger. Oh, did I nom them all?


  7. Adorable! HeidiHo (the Duck Toller) has been watching these with me ………… she too has a picture of puphood beside her 12 year old Friend, Tucker (chow/golden who died Dec 7th). Now we must add another member to the family as Heidi is enjoying her new alpha status too much. The search is on! Thanks for sharing. Capi Reed



  8. omg sage you are tooo teenie weenie for words, lucky for your mom you grew into a beautiful girl, its hard to beleive no one wanted you, your such a beauty, and a sweetheart too, you and your parents are all so lucky. Hugs and nose kisses from lea and kirby


  9. Dear Sage, it’s Nero here… I don’t know what’s a Gotcha day but I want to wish you Happy Day and say that we are so lucky having our great loving families! I was born in a good family but Hanna was thrown to our garden when she was only 4-5 weeks old (she is still very ‘worried’).
    You are so beautiful and as a puppy you looked like a little bear (like me)!
    I love to read about your adventures and see your funny and beautiful photos!
    I think our families are very lukcy to have us to amuze and keep them company!
    Hugs and kisses! x Nero


  10. Happy happy Gotcha Day, Sage! I was just talking with my husband last night about how lucky life can be – we were recalling how we came to adopt Mason. I mean it’s REALLY hard to believe that you were not immediately adopted from that first shelter but you and Mom and Dad and Toby and the kittehs, you were meant to be. That first picture of tiny you and Toby cracks me up – he looks SO not into you. Which makes it all the greater to know that you two became close pals. I bet someday you’ll have the chance to be the big sis dog to another pup in the house and you will teach him or her much mud dog wisdom! Hope you had a great Gotcha Day!

    -Chandra at DDY.


  11. Happy Gotcha Day! Sweet Sage look what a cute little ball of fluff you were. Now you are such a beautiful girl. Love you and your blog!! Hugs and nose kisses


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